Vilnius Travel Guide

Getting Around

By bus or trolleybus

The ticketing system has been changed in July 2013. A single ticket for either bus or trolley use (same ticket works for either bus or trolley) now costs 3.50 LTL. Paper tickets need to be stamped when getting on the bus, by putting them into the tiny red machine near the driver and pulling the rear part towards you to punch the ticket. When changing buses, you need a new ticket. As an alternative, you can also buy the "Vilniečio kortelė", an electronic ticket. The card itself costs 4.00 LTL and can be topped up at kiosks with any amount of money. When boarding a bus or trolleybus, place the card on the reader, select the intended duration of your trip (30 minutes or 60 minutes), and wait for the confirmation. The ticket price (LTL 2.20 or LTL 3.30) will then be charged to your card. With the Vilniečio kortelė, changing lines is allowed anytime during the duration of that trip. On some buses that do not have a card reader, the conductor will come to you and collect the fare for the trip.

It is highly recommended to buy the ticket, because the controls are regular, especially during the first days of each month. You may also catch a private bus, which costs 2.00 or 3.00 LTL and is a bit faster, although you should be careful as private and city buses look similar. There is a 50% discount for students and elderly people, both in public and private buses. The Vilnius City Card includes unlimited use of public transportation. Also you can get a small private bus which costs 3 LTL.

See for more information and schedules.

See for unofficial trolley route map.

Beware that trolleybuses and other buses use the same numbers, so for instance if you are advised to take bus 1, check whether trolleybus or regular bus number one is meant.

Maršrutiniai (van-taxis) are faster than buses and will cost 3 LTL at most. They tend to mimic trolley/bus route/numbering system. One needs to ask the driver to stop when close to one's destination.

By taxi

A regular cab may cost about 15-20 LTL if you need to get from periphery of the city to the center. You should always call a taxi by phone, even if you see a taxi on the street nearby. Street taxis charge as much as twice the price as taxis called by phone.

Good practice is to dial the number written on the vehicle you see, tell dispatcher the address you're at, and you will most likely get the same vehicle for a fair price.

By car

Traveling by car is not advised during rush hour (about 5 PM), as there are huge traffic jams in many places, especially in the centre. For more information on renting a car, visit or .

By bicycle

There is a hard division between the people who claim "there are bicycle tracks everywhere" and those who don't believe in a coherent bicycle infrastructure. The truth is: in the city centre you often find two white lines with a bicycle symbol on it. That doesn't mean they are well respected. The only "real" bicycle path leads along the river Neris North to Verkiai Nature park and the "Green lakes". If you have a day and nice weather it's worth it. Meanwhile there are some maps for cycling in and around Vilnius.

Check Do section for bike rental listings.

By foot

Although the Old Town is one of the largest in Europe, it can easily be explored on foot.

source: Wikivoyage

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