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Zhan QiaoThe famous pier Zhan Qiao is the iconic symbol of Qingdao. It was extended by the Germans and is a popular tourist station. The famous pavilion that is the logo of Tsingtao Beer was built in 1931 and now houses a small aquarium just renovated. The pier is now lined with individuals selling all manner of things, as well as beggars and opportunities for very small-time gambling.
Catholic church15 Zhejiang Rd (15; Zhjingl)Phone: +86 0532-82865960Hours: M-Sa 8AM-5PM, Su noon-5PMPrice: 15Built in 1934. Masses held every Sunday. As of November 2009, the church is closed to tourists for renovations.
Protestant Church15 Jiangsu RdPhone: +86 0532-82865970Hours: 8AM-5PMPrice: 7This is a Lutheran Church located in the older part of the city. It was built in 1910, and has an auditorium and bell tower, both of which are open to visitors. The bell is original and was brought from Germany specifically for the church.
Zhanshan TempleHours: 8AM-5PM dailyPrice: 8This temple was built in 1945. It has five halls and a pagoda, with an area of 20,000 square meters. The temple boasts a large collection of skillfully carved statues of Buddha and Buddhist scriptures. There are tens of thousands of people at Zhanshan Temple from the 8th to the 10th of April on the lunar calendar every year.
Parks and nature
Xiao Qingdao Park2 Qingyu RdPhone: +86 0532-82863944Hours: 7AM-6:30PMPrice: 15This is the island from which Qingdao takes its name, literally, Green Island. The Island was used for military purposes for many years, and it features a lighthouse built by the Germans in the 1900s. The Japanese later built a bridge to the island. Visitors may also tour the botanical gardens and enjoy the views of Qingdao.
Luxun Park1 QinYu RoadPhone: +86 0532-8286-8479Hours: 8:00AM-5:00PMPrice: freeLuxun Park is a two-kilometres long beachside park, between Xiao Qingdao Park and Bathing Beach. There is an oriental gate leading to a statue of Luxun, a famous Chinese writer.
Baihuayuan Gardens55 Yan'an First Rd (55; Yn'n Yl)Phone: +86 532 82862461Hours: 8AM-6PMPrice: 5Small park with lots of trees, flowers and sculptures. For many years it was the cemetery for foreigners, but the cemetery was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. It is now a beautiful park with sculptures of writers, artists, and revolutionaries.
Qingdaoshan ParkPhone: +86 0532-82962004Hours: 8AM-5PMPrice: 15This park is the site of the former German battery overlooking Jiaozhou Bay. Visitors can enjoy the park, as well as visit the battery structure and an exhibit on the history of the German military in Qingdao.
Zhongshan Park28 Wendeng Rd (28; Wndngl)Hours: 6AM-6PM dailyPrice: 10
Xiaoyushan Park24 Fushan Access RdPhone: +86 0532-82865645Hours: 7:15AM-6:15PMPrice: 15A park built in traditional Chinese style in 1983. It has great hilltop views of Qingdao especially during sunrise.
Xinhaoshan Park18 Lonshan RdPhone: +86 0532-82794141Hours: 6:00AM-9:30PMPrice: 15This hill was originally used by the Germans as a signalling station, and was later turned into a park. It has lovely landscape and features a revolving tea shop offering a 360 degree panorama of Qingdao. Visitors will also see the Heart to Heart Bridge, where local couples place a heart-shaped padlock on the bridge to ensure that their relationship will last forever.
Qingdao Municipal Museum27 Meiling Rd, Laoshan District (27; Loshnq Milngl)Phone: +86 0532-88893336Hours: Apr-Sep Tu-Su 9AM-5:30PM, Oct-Mar 9AM-4:30PMPrice: 50This museum includes exhibits of art and antiquities of ancient to modern Qingdao, as well as exhibits on porcelain and calligraphy.
Qingdao Art Museum7 Daxue Rd (7; Dxul)Price: 20
Haier Science and Technology Museum27 Meiling Rd, Laoshan District (27; Loshnq Milngl)Phone: +86 0532-88899855Hours: 9AM-5PMPrice: 20A separate museum specially geared towards children.
Qingdao Underwater World/Qingdao AquariumHours: Aquarium open dailyPrice: 120Qingdao is host to China's first public aquarium, opened in 1932. Today the "Underwater World" consists of four main areas on both sides of the street connected via an underground tunnel. One highlight is the moving platform that takes visitors in a tunnel through the aquarium, one can look all around and see fish from every angle. Also, do not miss the ever-popular mermaid shows. Be aware, however, that during the day and in the summer it will be packed with hoards of noisy children and tourists. Two of the exhibits do not have air-conditioning. The 120 ticket also includes the Polar Ocean World, which has to be accessed separately.
Polar Ocean WorldPrice: 15An aquarium focusing on polar animals, including polar bears and penguins. Newer and more modern than the Underwater World. It has a well known Beluga whale and dolphin show, as well as a daily large seal exhibition.
German Governor's ResidenceA Bavarian-style castle where Mao stayed as well. Also the observatories on the hills around it are interesting for good views and museum sites.
Qingdao German Prison Site Museum25 Changzhou RdPhone: +86 0532-82868820Hours: Apr-Nov 8AM-5PM, Nov-Apr 9AM-5PMPrice: 15This building housed a prison built by the Germans. The visit begins with an exhibit of the good and bad sides of German and Japanese occupation, followed by a visit of the cells and torture rooms. The building originally housed German prisoners, but was later used to incarcerate Chinese prisoners under Japanese rule, as well as communist party members under the Kuomintang. The basement recreates the Japanese torture cells, complete with original implements and illustrations.
Qingdao Naval Museum8 Laiyang LuPhone: +86 0532-82874786Hours: 8AM-5PMPrice: 80A museum with exhibits on the history of the Chinese navy, as well as full-size warships that visitors may tour. 50 for students.
Tsingtao Brewery56 Dengzhou Rd (56; Dngzhul)Phone: +86 0532-3834337Hours: 9AM-5PMPrice: 60The brewery has some interesting exhibits and the bottling plant is fascinating.Inside the brewery you will see the history of the brewery and how beer was made in the late 19th and 20th century. The ticket includes only one free 125 ml sample of delicious unfiltered "raw" beer and one of draft beer.
Qingdao Olympic Sailing CenterQingdao was the location of the sailing events for the 2008 Summer Olympics hosted in Beijing. Visitors can see the plaza, lighthouse, and closing ceremonies site, as well as visit the restaurants and bars at the venue.
Qingdao TV Tower10 Taipingshan RdPhone: +86 0532 8365-4020Hours: Nov-Mar 9AM-7PM, Apr-Oct 8:30AM-9:30PMPrice: 50Visitors take the elevator to an outdoor observation deck that offers fantastic views of Qingdao. Tea, snacks, and beer are available inside, as are souvenirs and an exhibit on Qingdao's winning bid for the sailing competitions during the Beijing Olympics.
Qingdao Eastern Bear Park10 Laoshan RdPhone: +86 0532-88999666Hours: 9AM-5:30PMPrice: 150A new attraction in Qingdao that houses Asian Black Bears (Dog Bears) among others. The bears are segregated by age, and visitors can feed them the food provided. While the bears are interesting, there are large numbers crammed in relatively small spaces. Bear shows take place several times a day and feature bears with chains around their necks being hit by their trainers until they perform tricks, only to receive very small rewards. There is also a lovely park that has a separate entrance and entry fee, in which visitors can take the stairs to the top of a mountain, passing several temples en route. It is worth the walk up, if visitors are ok with contributing their money to the bear habitat.

source: Wikivoyage

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