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Head to Yunxiao Road west of Fuzhou South Road for a large selection of restaurants of all Chinese varieties ranging from the local Shandong style, to Cantonese and Sichuan. Yunxiao Road is recognized as Qingdao's restaurant street, and serves up a wide variety of mouth watering dishes. Minjiang Road, near Fushou South Road (bordering on Qingdao's restaurant district), has several outstanding restaurants. The area is booming with foods from around the world.


Small cheap restaurants are found around the city, especially away from the main streets. Basic meals for less than ¥10.


Also, dumpling restaurants tend to be cheap, some options are:

Sanheyuan (Ningxia Road Branch)147 Ningxia Rd, Shinan District (147; Shnnq Nngxil)Phone: +86 0532-85838085Price: 30-40
Da Niang DumplingsPrice: 20-25Fast food chain specialising in dumplings.
Shibei District Branch64 Taidong 3rd Rd, Shibei District (64; Shbiq Tidngsnl)
Shinan District BranchHong Kong Middle Rd, Shinan District ( Shnnq Xinggngzhng L)

If you want something a bit more comfortable than the most basic restaurants, you can try one of the restaurants below where you can expect to pay around ¥20-40 each person:


Dim sum
Old Hong Kong Restaurant42 Hong Kong Middle RdPhone: +86 0532-85978868Price: 50-75Better than average dim sum, clean upmarket atmosphere and decent service. Unfortunately their dim sum menu lacks English, but it is still definitely worth a try.
Bifeng Tang158 Minjiang Rd (24)Phone: +86 0532-85776789Hours: until 4AMPrice: About average of 50 per personHong Kong dim sum and seafood.
Laoshan Pao Hotpot Restaurant20 Yunxiao RdPhone: +86 0532-85784444Price: 50Seafood as well.
Tanyutou Hotpot Restaurant14 Minjiang Rd (14)Phone: +86 0532-85839076Price: 50
Minsu Korean Restaurant68 Shanghang Rd (68)Phone: +86 0532-66777308Price: 50Korean BBQ.
Xiaobenjia Korean Restaurant58 Shanghang Rd (58)Price: 50Korean BBQ. Reservation is recommended.
Shanglinyuan Restaurant169 Minjiang Rd, Shinan District (169; Shnnq Mnjingl)Phone: +86 532 85756188Fax: +86 532 85756788Shandong cuisine and seafood.
Yumatou Seafood Restaurant24 Yunxiao Rd, Shinan District (24; Shnnq Ynxiol)Phone: +86 532 85733583Price: 75Seafood.
Heavenly Palace Old Mama Restaurant54 Yunxiao Road (54)Phone: +86 532 85764906Price: Expect around 50 each personSichuan cuisine.
Lao Chuancai158 Minjiang RdPhone: +86 532 85772776Price: 75-100Probably one of the biggest and best Szechuan restaurants in Qingdao. This spot is part of a local chain of average Chinese restaurants.
Haidao Seafood Restaurant40 Yunxiao Rd, Shinan District (40; Shnnq Ynxiol)Phone: +86 532 85973058Price: 75-100
Zijing Shandong RestaurantPrice: 125Shandong cuisine. Claims to be the first restaurant in Qingdao to specialise in Shandong cuisine. Has both traditional dishes and modern ones.
48 Minjiang Second Rd, Shinan District (48; Shnnq Mnjingrl)Phone: +86 532 85652888
113 Fengshan Rd, Licang District (113; Lcngq Fngshnl)Phone: +86 532 87631111

source: Wikivoyage

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