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Being Qingdao, you can expect to find, well, copious amounts of fresh Tsingtao. The brewery was founded by Germans during colonial times. Every August there is a beer festival (check the listing in the "Do" section). Many European breweries participate. One of the neatest things about Qingdao is the ability to purchase fresh from the factory draft beer almost anywhere. You will often see kegs sitting outside most restaurants and snack stores. The beer is sold by weight (asking for "yi jin" gives you 500 g, or half a litre), this will be served to you in a plastic bag! There are also numerous beer gardens where you can sit and drink from glasses, one glass of fresh beer ("san pi") only costs an incredible ¥1.5. The Tsingtao "san pi" is some of the best Chinese beer you can get. Don't worry, it's served cold.

Qingdao's nightlife scene continues to evolve. The Jiangxi Rd. strip located downtown near Hong Kong Middle Rd. continues to have more and more bars. There is also a new development called Zhonglian Plaza (中联广场) located at Nanjing Rd and Ningxia Rd, that offers many large Chinese-style clubs. Karaoke (KTV) is very popular activity amongst the locals. There are a few western style club/discos in the Hong Kong Road area close to the Jusco. Thanks to the very large Korean expat population, there are many Korean style bars. Most of these bars can be found in the Hong Kong Gardens area.

7th Street8 GuTian RdPhone: 13589200466Price: 15 and upThere is a DJ on most nights and you can request what songs you like to be played. It is a very laid-back western style bar with friendly and fun staff. Good selection of drinks available at a reasonable price.
Le BangPhone: +86 532 85935279Hours: 6PM-closePrice: Drinks start at 15 and food starts at 25A good first stop for travellers in the area is, a French expat bar. On Friday and Saturday nights there is an all you can drink 50 happy hour from 10PM-11PM. During weekdays there is always some kind of daily drink special. There are often French/continental nights.
Feelings Club83-85 Hong Kong Middle RdPhone: +86 532 85932929Hours: 8PM-closeA large dance club that is often the most popular among Chinese, music there is strictly techno. Ladies should watch out as it is not called "Feeling" Club for nothing.
SOS71 Hong Kong Middle RdPhone: +86 532 85969898Hours: 8PM-2AMPrice: 40 and upFormerly a part of the Shanghai Babyface chain. Name has changed but still the same Chinese techno loving, glow stick handling and dice rolling crowd, but often not as busy.
Club New York41 Hong Kong Middle Rd 2FPhone: +86 532 85725666Price: 40-50, although foreigners planning a lengthy stay are nearly always offered a free VIP card for permanent half price drinksThere is a live band almost every night, that plays cover songs. The atmosphere is definitely more western oriented than other places.
Freeman163 Jiangxi RdPhone: +86 15853211877Hours: 6PM-2AMPrice: 20 and upLaid back western style bar, with plenty of different kinds of booze available and good service.
Charlie's Bar167 Jiangxi RdPhone: +86 532 85897919Hours: 6PM-2AMPrice: 20 and upVery similar to Freeman, but not as big and a slightly weaker selection.
Beer Mama's street keg stall32. SiFang Lu.(GPS N36.07012 E120.31655)Beer Mama is a funny Chinese woman who sells good draft beer cheap from kegs to see-through plastic bags and sticks a straw through it for immediate mobile use. The mobile use comes in handy if you are wandering around the surrounding food and vegetable market.

source: Wikivoyage

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