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Qingdao City lies on the east shore of Jiaozhou Bay (胶州湾; Jiāo​zhōu​wān​) and comprises four districts from south to north:

Shinan District (市南区; Shì​nán​qū​) — the downtown core that runs along the sea with most of the city's major hotels, attractions and beaches.
Shibei District (市北区; Shì​běi​qū​) — sits directly north of Shinan District and contains many new major commercial and residential developments as well as the oldest parts of Qingdao in the west.
Sifang District (四方区; Sì​fāng​qū​) — north of Shibei and contains a mix of residential, commercial and industrial areas as well a train station that is not currently used by passenger trains.
Licang District (李沧区; Lǐ​cāng​qū​) — north of Sifang and home to Peach Blossom Tourism Spot as well as more industry.

Three Suburban districts comprise primarily coastal areas close to the city proper

Laoshan District (崂山区; ) — southeast of downtown and home to Laoshan Mountain and some of the best beaches in the city.
Chengyang District (城阳区; ) — north of Licang on the north shore of Jiaozhou Bay and mostly new industrial areas, but also contains a large Korean expat community, and hence many authentic Korean restaurants. The Qingdao Liuting airport is located here.
Huangdao District (黄岛区; ) — on the southwest shore of Jiaozhou Bay and home to huge wharfs, the port area and other industry. There are also some nice beaches here.

Five Rural areas administratively part of Qingdao:

Jiaozhou City (胶州市; ) — west of downtown.
Jiaonan City (胶南市; ) — along the coast south of Huangdao District.
Jimo City (即墨市; ) — north of downtown including the coast north of Laoshan District.
Pingdu City (平度市; ) — far northwest.
Laixi City (莱西市; ) — far northeast.

source: Wikivoyage

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