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The unique combination of German and Chinese architecture in the city centre, combined with German demographic roots and a large Korean expatriate population, gives Qingdao a distinct atmosphere. An old saying described Qingdao as a city of "red tiles green trees, blue sky and blue sea." This saying indeed gives a picture of birdview of Qingdao. A larger number of areas in former foreign styles are well preserved. Although the new city area is under large-scale reconstruction, the old city area (especially the western part of Shinan District) still retains many traditional buildings.

Kang Youwei (康有为)
Ma Jian (马建)
Wen Yiduo (闻一多)
Laoshe (舒庆春,字老舍)
Shen Congwen (沈从文)
Xiao Hong (萧红)
Xiao Jun (萧军)
Liang Shiqiu (梁实秋)
Duanmu Hongliang (端木蕻良)
Zang Kejia (臧克家)
Sun Li (孙犁)
Tong Dizhou (童第周)
Li Zhaoxing (李肇星)
Victoria Song (宋茜, f(x))
Huang Zitao (黃子韜, EXO M)

Other notable people include:

Qiu Chuji (丘处机)
Gao Fenghan (高凤翰)
Toshiro Mifune (was born in Qingdao)
Li Cunxin (李存信)
Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明)
Chen Hao (陈好)
Xia Yu (夏雨)
Fan Bingbing(范冰冰)
Wang Dong (Chinese Footballer)

A local accent known as Qingdao dialect (青岛话, pinyin qingdao hua) distinguishes the residents of the city from those of the surrounding Shandong province. Due to the efforts by the city government to promote standard Mandarin, most educated people can speak that language in addition to their native language. With reform policies and English teaching, some young citizens have been taught English and many can converse with English-speaking foreigners. Business and traffic signs in English are becoming more and more common.


Seafood is a typical delicacy of the coastal city, divided into two categories: "Great Seafood" including sea cucumbers, abalones, shark's fin, prawns, crabs, conch, and some big fish, and "Little Seafood" comprising squid, shrimps, octopus, oysters, razor clams, clams, periwinkles, yellow croakers, etc. Generally, fresh seafood is served in every hotel.

The distinctive cuisine of the area is Lu Cai, the Shandong regional style.

Qingdao International Beer Festival(青岛国际啤酒节) in August/September, held annually since 1991
China International Afforestation Fair, since 2003
APEC SMEs Technology Conference and Fair
China Qingdao Fishing Competition(中国青岛钓鱼比赛)
Qingdao Bar-Culture Festival(中国酒吧文化节)
China International Exposition of electronic home appliances (中国电子产品博览会)
China Qingdao Ocean Festival (中国青岛海洋节)
China International Maritime Exhibition (中国国际海事展)
Qingdao International Fashion Week (青岛国际时装周)
China International Fishery Fair
China Qingdao International Hot Air Balloon Festival
Qingdao International Beach Festival (青岛国际海滩节日)

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