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Mombasa is noted in the 2010 film Inception as the place where a foot chase sequence occurs and where two members of the Inception team are recruited. The city of Tangier, Morocco serves as a stand-in for Mombasa.
Finnish pop hit Mombasa by Taiska is about Mombasa.
Mentioned in the Warren Zevon song Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner
Mombasa expands into a mega city known as New Mombasa in the Halo universe and is home to the massive Forerunner artifact that is buried beneath the city and extends into the Indian Ocean. It is also the main setting for .
Following Barack Obama's successful Presidential campaign in 2008, Mombasa and Honolulu became sister cities.
In the U.S., the Walt Disney World resort recreated an Kenyan village named "Harambe" modeled after Mombasa in the Africa section of the Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park. The park features a store called the "Mombasa Marketplace".

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