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Khreshchatyk StreetThe main drag of the city centre. It is closed to traffic on some weekends and full of entertainers and people wandering around. A big happy crowd and very conducive to people watching.
Maidan NezalezhnostiIndependence Square, Maidan is known throughout the world as the place where supporters of Yushchenko and the Orange Revolution camped for weeks on end in October 2004. This is a central meeting place in Kiev.
Andriyivsky Uzviz or Andrew's Descentat the top of this quaint, very rough cobblestone street is St Andrew's Church (closed for restoration in 2011). Sidewalks are gradually being added to the Descent but, meanwhile, take a good pair of shoes. The street is lined with souvenir sellers, restaurants, galleries and museums. Touristy but retains charm.
Golden Gate of Kiev or Zoloti VorotaThis is a 1982 reconstruction of the Golden Gate of Kiev, described by Mussorgski in "Pictures of an Exhibition". It is quite a nice spot to visit and learn about the town walls. Some nice buildings are also there and you can inspect the Porsche Cayennes, Lexuses, Audis, BMWs and Mercedes of Ukraine's nouveau riche who are very much into conspicuous consumption.
Mariyinsky Palace and Mariyinsky parkwhere Lovers' bridge is situated. Under renovation 2012-2014.
Kiev TV Tower - Televiziyna vezhaVul. Dorozhytska, 10is a 385 m-high (1,263 ft) lattice steel tower built in 1973. It is not accessible for tourists. Operational? platform height 200 m.
Kiev Pechersk Lavra Complex
Kiev Pechersk LavraLavrska street, 9Phone: +38 (044) 280-30-71, +38 (044) 406-63-08Hours: Winter: 9:00 - 18.00.; Summer: 8:00 - 19:00.Price: without visiting expositions - 3 UAH, includes visiting expositions and guiding tour: Adult - 50 UAH, Pupil or student - 25 UAHOne of the oldest and most important monasteries in Ukraine and in the territory of the former Soviet Union. Only the most important monasteries were designated as Lavras; there were only four, of which this Cave Monastery is the oldest. It was founded in 1077 by St Antoniy. The caves were dug out by priests who lived there as hermits. Nowadays, the caves are venerated by the faithful and tourists who visit the mummified monks, and pilgrims are still allowed access to the underground church there. There are two parts to the modern complex: the upper lavra, owned by the state and consisting of a number of museums (entry fee); and the lower lavra, owned by the Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarch) and consisting of the caves (you'll need 1 UAH to buy a candle to enter). Do not miss the display of micro-miniatures in the upper lavra. It sounds lame, but it is fascinating. You can enter the caves in the lower part if you dress correctly (women MUST cover their hair and wear skirts, no shorts. Expensive scarves are for sale there). Women can only just get away with pants in the winter. Start at the Lower Lavra, visiting the caves before the crowds descend for the day. There are two cave complexes, each housing the mummified remains of monks, as well as religious icons and other relics. Both caves are accessed through churches, with the entrance to the shorter caves at the end of a boardwalk. While it is free to enter the caves, you must purchase a taper candle in order to light your way. The caves are not recommended for the claustrophobic or overly tall. Once you're in there, it's hard, even impossible to turn around and go back out - you have to keep going.
Pechersk Lavra fortificationA system of walls, towers and other constructions built for the protection of the Cave Monastery. - The fortification consisted Upper Lavra: - the Southwest Tower, or the tower of Ivan Kuschnik ; - the South Tower, or the Horlogium, 1818; - the North Tower, also called the Painting Tower; - the East Tower containing the church of Saint Onufry, - Economic Gate and the Church of All Saints, - West Gate Holidays to Holy Trinity Church, South (lower ) gate 1792-95, - North Gate, 19th century; - Eastern Gate, XIX century; - Wall with a gate at the Great Lavra Belltower, 18-early 19th century and a Retaining wall terraces with viewing platform. The Lower Lavra fortification parts are: - The defensive walls of the Near and Far Caves, XIX century; - Entrance gate, 1840's; - The lower gate at the entrance to the Near and Far caves, 1852-53; - Retaining Wall of D. de Boskhuets, 18th century. - Belfry Far Caves; - Western gate of the lodge, 1883.
Great Lavra Bell TowerVul. Larska, 15is the main bell tower of the ancient cave monastery. Built in 17311745. It was designed by the architect Johann Gottfried Schdel. Its total height, with the Christian cross, is 96.5 metres. A Classical style construction with a total of four tiers, surmounted by a gilded dome. The diameter of the tower's lowest tier at its base is 28.8 metres, and the thickness of the first tier walls is 8 metres. The tower's foundation exceeds 7 metres. The tower is decorated with many architectural columns: the second tier with 32 Dorian columns, the third with 16 Ionic columns, and the fourth with 8 Corinthian columns. On the fourth tier there is a chiming clock, made in 1903, which has a total weight of 4.5 tons.
Refectory ChurchLavrs'ka ( Ivana Mazepy ) str., 21 build. 7a refectory and an adjoining church of Saint Anthony and Theodosius. Built in 1893-1895. The sturdy dome of the church incorporates some aspects of ancient Byzantium. The interior decoration of the building was designed by Aleksey Shchusev. The marble icons are in the Neo-Russian style. The paintings in both the refectory and the church, painted in the beginning of the 20th century. In 1973-1977, the Refectory interior was thoroughly renovated.
Church of the Saviour at BerestovoLavrs'ka ( Ivana Mazepy ) str., 21 build. 4Berestovo was a suburban residence in 11th century. - Its vaulting may have been unusually complicated, probably echoing the trefoil roofing of the porches. The outside of the church formerly displayed intricate brick patterns: double and treble niches, the meander, and decorative crosses.
Gate Church of the TrinityLavrska str., 21, building 1In 1108 being built as a Kievan Rus' style church, the Gate Church of the Trinity is now decorated in the Ukrainian Baroque style, having been reconstructed many times through its history. Inside: a three-storey wooden gilded iconostasis, (1735); a large sixteen-candle chandelier (1725); The church's frescoes were based on Biblical scenes, and the exteriour decor was based on Ukrainian folklore, including: "Faces of the Holy Martyr," "The Traders Cast Out of the Temple," and "The Council of Nicaea." - Interiour frescoes: Allegorical and historical Biblical topics are given in a noncanonical way; some of them are made with Ukrainian national ornaments. Wood-carved chairs, are installed along the western wall. The chairs are covered with oil paintings.
Near Caves or the Caves of Saint AnthonyLavrs'ka ( Ivana Mazepy ) str., 25, building 41are historic caves and a network of tunnels, a total length of 383 metres and are 5 to 20 metres deep, width reaches 1.5 m, height - 2,5 m. Here buried the founder of Cave Monastery of Saint Anthony. Of the three existing entrances to the Near Caves original was probably a western in which you can enter from the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.
All Saints ChurchLavrska str., 21, Building No. 11Founded in 16961698. Its style is Ukrainian baroque. The church facades are richly decorated with architectural elements. In 1905, local artists painted the interior walls of the church. The carved wooden iconostasis is multi-tiered and was made in the early 18th century.
Far CavesLavrska str., 25, build. 73Relics of 49 saints, accompanied with plates with names and icons. The total length of underground corridors is 293 meters. Currently there are three Caves underground churches: Annunciation, Nativity and Reverend Theodosius.
Dormition Cathedralis main temple of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Built in 107378. The cathedral consisted basically of one story built on a cruciform plan with a cupola supported by six columns. It had three naves, which on the outside terminated in many-faced apses. In the 17th century with more cupolas and decorative elements, in the Cossack? baroque style were decorated. Inside was decorated with mosaics and frescoes.
Museum of Historical Treasures of UkraineLavrska str., 21, build. 12In the Kovnirivskyi building, which was a former convent bakery and built in 17 century. Reconstructed in 1744-1745. The main facade of buildings made in the same manner as the cell of the Old Cathedral. - one of the leading museums of Ukraine and the world, the subject of the exhibition - historical and artistic monuments of precious metals and precious stones. The museum collection include 56,000 pieces of archeology and applied art. - Here can you find the 'Martynivka Treasure' is a hoard consisting of about 120 silver items of 400-900 probe found in Martynivka village (now Cherkasy Oblast) in 1909.
Book and print history museumLavrska str., 21, build. 9, 10Hours: 10:00 - 17.00 except TuesdayThe museum contains a rich treasure book culture of the Ukrainian people (about 56 thousand units). The exhibition highlights the story of the book and of books from the Kievan Rus to the present day.
Museum of Ukrainian folk artLavrska str., 21, build. 29Phone: +380 (44) 280-13-43Hours: Wed-Mon:10:00 - 18.00.The collection is more than 75.000 works of traditional folk and decorative arts, 15-20th century. It is housed in the former Metropolitan's residence.
Theater and film arts museumLavrska str., 21, building 26Phone: +380 (44) 280-18-34, +380 (44) 280-16-22There is various documentary material reveals the formation and development of Ukrainian drama and theatrics. Here are ukrainian folk musical instruments whoose make the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the history of ukrainian culture, literature and ethnology. The museum has a branch - the house-museum of M.K. Zankovetska, where an exhibit what reflects the life and career of the famous Ukrainian actress.
State historical libraryLavrska str., 24, building 19Phone: +38 (044) 290-46-17More than 800 thousans books, manuscripts, maps.
Other religious buildings
St Sophia's CathedralPl. Sofiyivska, Hours: 09.00-16.00Price: UAH53 for admission to the complex and church (UAH 23 for children). Additional charges to climb the bell tower, visit the museum and have a guided tourThe oldest remaining church in Kiev. Parts date from the 11th century. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and has world biggest ensemble of frescoes and mosaics dating from 11th century, including the Virgin Orans mosaic. Several green-robed ladies maintain order and will shout at you if you look like you are planning to take a photo. The gatehouse and other restorations were completed in the 17th century. Outside the gates, there is a statue commemorating hetman Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, who liberated Kiev in the 17th century... then gave the city to the Russian Empire.
St. Michael's Golden-Domed MonasteryVul. Trokhsvyatytelska, 8A working monastery that goes back to the 12th Century. Destroyed during the Soviet era, with many of its art works hastily removed, some of which were transfered to the museums in Moscow and St Petersburg, some were moved to St Sophia Cathedral. Some mosaics housed in St Sophia subsequently fell into the hands of the Nazis but were returned... to Hermitage in St Petersburg. Rebuilt in 1997-98. Impressive gold domes best visited on a sunny day. Behind the complex is a pleasant park with views of the Dnieper and, to the left, the entrance to the funicular.
St Volodymyr's CathedralBulv. Tarasa Shevchenka, 20Phone: +380 (44) 235-03-62, +380 (44) 235-53-85Seven domed Ukrainian Orthodox brick cathedral in neo-Byzantine style, built in the 19th century. It barely escaped demolition by the Soviet authorities. Dome height (outer) 49 m (161 ft).
St Andrew's ChurchAndreevsky ds., 23Phone: +380 (44) 278-12-21 +380 (44) 278-58-61Baroque church, constructed in 17471754. Length 31.7 m (104 ft). Width 20.4 m (67 ft). Height 50 m (160 ft). Both the external and internal decoration on the church was carried out at the same time. Cast iron floor slabs were delivered from Moscow. Also, forms were made for the church's windows, doors, walls, and for space under the cupola. The planned iconostasis, designed by the Italian architect Rastrelli, was also added. The wood for the iconostasis, altar canopy, pulpit, and tsar's place were carved out in Saint Petersburg in order to consume time. The iconostasis' icons were carried out by Petersburg artists. For gilding, 1,028 slabs of gold were used in the interior.
St. Cyril's MonasteryVul. Teligi Oleny, 12BPhone: +380 (44) 417-22-68, +380 (44) 468-11-26is a medieval monastery. Founded in 1140. Reconstructed by the Ukrainian architect Ivan Hryhorovych-Barskyi during 17501760. St. Cyril's Church, including the medieval interiour frescoes and the 1880s murals by the famous Russian painter Mikhail Vrubel, were fortunately preserved. The remaining constructions of the complex, the rest of the monastic walls, one corner tower (see picture), and two buildings constructed by Barskyi were also preserved. Of the monastery's cemetery, only two 18th century graves remained.
Blacksmithing and metalworker's museumAndreevsky ds., 20B
Literary and Memorial Bulgakov Museum. House of TurbinyAndriyivsky Descent 13.Phone: (044) 4253188Hours: daily 10:00 - 18:00 (ticket office open till 17:00) Closed: Wednesday, MondayPrice: 10 UAH. The cost of excursion - 30 UAH per personThe legendary Andriyivsky Descent was the street where the great writer lived with his family and where he lodged the heroes of his immortal novel "The White Guard."
Chornobyl MuseumKhoryv Lane, 1Phone: 0038 (044) 417-54-22Hours: M-F 10-18; Sat 10-17Price: 10 UAHA fascinating and moving museum. No signage in English. The cost of istening audio-tour in English or German - 50 UAH.
'Cultural wealth of Ukraine' ukranian icon museumDesyatinnaya str., 12.Phone: (44) 278-83-57Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.From 11 to 19 hoursThe exhibition presents about 300 icons late 15th - early 20th century.
National Museum of History of UkraineVladimirskaya str., 2Phone: +380 (44) 278-48-64, +380 (44) 278-65-45Hours: Thu-Tue 10:00 am - 5:00 pm, Wed: day off.Museum represents different times from ancient till nowadays.
One Street MuseumAndreevsky ds., 2BPhone: +(44) 425-03-98Price: 20 UAH. An excursion in Ukrainian or Russian - 100 UAH, in English - 150 UAHThe collection of the One Street Museum is dedicated to the history of the Andriyivskyi uzviz (Andrew's Descent) and its famous residents. Open daily from 12 noon to 6PM (closed Mondays).
Museum of the Magdeburg law, Museum of Self-Management of KyivPochtovaya sq., 2.Phone: +380 (44) 463-67-96A very interesting permanent exhibition about "On the history of government in Kiev", devoted to 500th anniversary of providing the city of Magdeburg law.
State Aviation MuseumMedovaya str., 1Phone: +380 (44) 241-25-83, +380 (44) 461-64-85, +380 (44) 451-83-14Inside the old Zhulyany Airport with many impressive Soviet civil and military aircraft on display, including an An-2, Tu-104, Il-62, Il-76, an Il-86 and is constantly improving. The museum is opposite to the airport terminal, which is an industrial zone. To get there, you can either take Trolleybus #9 from the main train station - Kiev Passazhyrskyi (South exit)/Vokzalna metro stop or #22 from Shuliavska metro station, both until Sevastopolska Square. From there, take the minibus 220 that will take you straight to the museum (last stop). Walking in the surrounding area after dark is not advisable as the area is poorly lit and stray dogs are present. Admission: 15 UAH.
Bee-Farming MuseumPokrovskaya str., 9/2.The museum contains materials on the history of beekeeping, photographs of prominent scientists beekeepers are part of apitherapy.
Open-Air Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural LifeKrasnoznamennaya street, 1, PyrohivPhone: +38(044) 526 57 65Hours: dailyCovering 160 ha, the area shows how people used to live in different parts of Ukraine. Six restored rural Ukranian villages, with old huts, wooden mills and churches from all over Ukraine have been carefully restored and function as living museums. English-speaking (sort of) guides with expertise on the whole site are available and well worth-it. Ukrainians come on sunny days to relax in the grass.
Luk'yanivs'ke CemeteryDorohozhyts'ka street., 7.Phone: +380 (44) 440-13-22, +380 (44) 440-14-87Hours: dailyBy the administration building has a museum room, telling stories about the cemetery and its famous "Dwellers".
Pushkin MuseumKudryavskaya str., 9.Hours: daily from 10:00 to 17:00, closed - TuesdayThe main part of the museum's collection are exhibits first half of the 19th century - a period called the "Pushkin". Among the most valuable items - books with author signatures of friends and contemporaries Pushkin political writings of famous public figures. The pride of the museum editions of the works of the poet, including some sections of the novel "Eugene Onegin."
Pedagogical Museum57 Volodymyr StreetPhone: +380 44 234-36-88Hours: M-F: 10.00-17.00. Lunch: 13.00-14.00.Former the meeting place of the Ukrainian Club, Rodyna, and the Ukrainian Scientific Society. The museum of Lenin which was here until 1982. The first floor of the building now houses the escalators leading to the Kiev Metro station, Zoloti Vorota.
Golden Gate of Kiev or Zoloti VorotaStr. Vladimir, 40aPhone: +38 (044) 278-69-19Hours: Tu.:10.00 to 17.00, W-Su.:10.00-18.00, In winter, closedBuilt in the 11th century., Destroyed in the 17th century. The rebuilded Golden Gate is a crenellated tower fourteen meters in hight. The entrance way is shielded on one side by a metal-covered porticullis of wood and on the other side by doors patterned.
Ivan Honchar Museum (National Centre of Folk Culture)Vul. Larska, 19Phone: +38 044 2889268, 2805210Hours: T-Su: 10:00-17:30Price: 15 UAH, student 3 UAHThe collection consists of over 15,000 items from the 16th to the early 20th centuries. Icons from the 16th century, 100 paintings by famous Ukrainian artists, over 2,500 textiles from the 18th and 19th centuries, pottery, toys, Easter eggs, wood carvings and Ukrainian folk music instruments.
Kiev Fortress also known as the Pechersk Fortress24a Hospitalna StreetA 19th century fortification building, that once belonged to the system of western Russian fortresses. Some of the buildings are restored and turned into a museum called the Kiev Fortress, while others are in use by various military and commercial installations. It is semi-underground.
Motherland Statue and War memorials

Kiev was pretty much destroyed during the invasion in WWII. The memorial near the motherland statue is pretty gripping. Lots of examples of classic Soviet-era memorial statuary as well as some amazing exhibits of military hardware. The Museum to the Great Patriotic War (WWII) located in the base of the statue is a must-see for visitors interested in the impact the German invasion had on the Soviet Union. Well worth the visit even if you don't speak or read any Russian or Ukrainian (several English language tours are provided daily). It's well curated and full of artifacts (including weapons, battle maps, hundreds of original photographs, and a moving installation at the end of the exhibit symbolizing the great losses suffered). There is also a small museum of the Afghan conflict nearby. Try to enter coming from the top part of the Pecherska Lavra. This way you get submerged with old soviet music and dark statues. Metro: Arsenalna

Babyn Yar MonumentDorozhytska st., - a ravine which was the site of massacres of Jews, Gypsies, and other civilians by the Nazis and their puppets during World War II. Approximately 60,000 civilians were executed at this site during the war (over 34,000 Jews in the first two days alone). Now a memorial to "Soviet citizens" murdered by the Germans
German Military graveyardAbout 10000 German soldiers are buried here, after the battles around Kiev in 1941 and 1944.

source: Wikivoyage

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