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In general, it is very cheap to dine in Kiev by European or US standards. So long as you stay away from the places that totally pander to tourists or to the Porsche Cayenne-driving "elite", the food is great and cheap. Try the Borscht and the Mlyntzi and then try absolutely everything else. Baked goods are cheap and great too. Even the ice-cream on the street is great. Try, for example, the one to the right from Khreshchatyk metro exit - blue kiosk with varying length of queues.

When you see vendors selling some liquid from big yellow/blue tanks on the street, you can be sure that it is "Kvas," which is a brewed bread drink. Some people like it and others hate it. It tastes a bit like malt, and the alcohol content is so low (0.05-1.44%) that it is considered acceptable for consumption by children. Try "Odyn Malenkyi" (one small) drink.

You should not drink the tap water (for reasons both chemical and microbial). It is advisable to buy bottles in the supermarkets; they usually have English section on the label for "ingredients". You can always order "Bonaqua" (a brand of sparkling mineral water), but beer is just about as cheap.


Fast-food chains
CelentanoVelyka Vasylkivska (Chervonoarmiiska) str., 23APhone: +380 (44) 235-66-87Hours: Mo - Fr: 9:00-22:00, Sa - Su: 10:00-22:00Price: Course from 11$Italian food and wine, pizza, salads. Favorite for local youngs. A couple more places ear to metro stations Khreschatyk str., 10; (metro:Metro Khreschatyk ); Heroiv Stalinhrada ave., 24A,(metro: ) ; Dovzhenka Oleksandra str., 1 (metro:Shuliavska); Yaroslaviv Val str., 37/1 (metro:Zolota Vorota); Velyka Vasylkivska (Chervonoarmiiska) str., 111/113 (metro:Palats Ukraina); Vokzalna sq., 2 (metro:Vokzalna); Telihy Oleny str., 13/14 (metro:Dorohozhychi ); Kotsiubynskoho Mykhaila str., 14 (metro:Universitet).
Domashnia kukhniaKonstantinovskaya str., 2APhone: +380 (44) 467-60-48, +380 (44) 467-60-49Hours: Mon-Sun 9-00 22:00Price: Soups from 1$, fish rolls from 2$, different pizzas (450 gr.) 7-10$.offers a buffet with typical Ukrainian food. Not the best. And Peremohy ave., 31; (metro:Politchniki) Turgenevskaya str., 8-14;(metro:Universitet)
Korchma BudmoMikhailivska str., (. i,) 22aPhone: (+38044) 279-61-93Hours: Daily 9-00 to 23:00- national Ukrainian cuisine, simple, but tasty and cheap, pleasant atmosphere. All the major credit cards are accepted.
Mister SnackLva Tolstogo St., 18Phone: +380 (44) 234-30-40Price: Sendwichwes from 4$.- cheap sandwich and salad chain. Also do hamburgers. More places exmpl. Sakcaganskogo St., 88.
Potato Housestr. Nyzhnii Val, 37/20Phone: +380 (44) 425-40-92chain - Mexican food.
Potato Housestr. Bahhovutivska, 17/21and more couple in suburbs.
Puzata KhataKhreschatyk str., 15Phone: +380 (44) 278-55-77- more locations are through the second arch to the right of the Khreshatik Metro station McDonald's, turn right through the big decorative arch; and another on the corner of Sahaidachnoho Street, opposite Bohorodytsi Pyrohoschi (a square with a church on it). There is another one at Kontraktova Square, close to Kontraktova metro station, at the end of a downhill walk from the Andrivskyj Uzviz. "Puzo" is Ukrainian for "belly," and a khata is a traditional Ukrainian hut or shack. If you're from the States this place is like Picadilli, or any other pay-per-plate cafeteria. Popular with locals. Food is good, but almost entirely traditional Ukrainian. They also offer kvas and good Ukranian beer. Two people can eat like absolute pigs here for less than $US12. You'll be full for the rest of the day, guaranteed. On a more practical side, soups cost below 10 UAH, mains are 15–30 UAH, and beer is only 10UAH for half a liter.
ShvydkoSlavy sq. Phone: +380 (44) 531-99-67, 531-94-20Hours: Daily: 09:00 - 22:00.- The food is 'pseudo-national', Kartoplia (main dish: mashed potatoes with 1-3 of 30 different kinds of salads), MacSmak (pizza). - 6 of 9 units find in downtown: Vokzalnaya sq., 1; Maidan Nezalezhnosty; str. Bilorus'ka, 2; ln. Kutuzova, 5; ln. Politekhnichnyi, 7.
Two Geese - Pecherskstr. Arsenal, 9/11Phone: +380 (44) 285-79-41, Fax: +380 (44) 285-79-42Hours: Daily: 9.30-22.00Price: Salads, soups: 1.5$, main dishes: from 2$, six types pizzas from 7 $. (2013)serves decent cafeteria-style meals. Look for the signs with two geese on yellow background. Sometimes there's a vintage car painted with their logo out front. Fast, decent, easy, all you have to do is point. No language skills needed.
Vesuvio PizzaReytarska 25 Phone: +380 (44) 235 6681,+380 (44) 278 3028Hours: Daily: 10:00 22:00Price: From 7$ per person incl. drinks.Kiev's first North American style pizza, probably the best in the city. 25 types of pizza, pan pizza and thin crust, pastas, lasagna, green salads, starting from approx. More units: bulvar Shevchenko 2 - near Khreschatyk, and Balzak 2a (Global Shopping Centre) .
Viola's BierstubeT.Shevchenka bulv. 1APhone: (+380) 44 235 37 51cheap pub with a great variety of sausages and different meat meals. Also beer here is always good.
CCCP, over the road from the entrance to the Great Patriotic War memorial. This Soviet-theme restaurant has staff dressed in costume and dozens of traditional dishes listed on the English-language menu. Try the Uzvar traditional drink made from smoked fruit. Expect to spend US$10 each for lunch; they also have a US$20 business lunch menu. It is possible to spend a lot more though. Live traditional music and farm implements decorate the walls.
Corsair, on Sahaydachnoho (Сагайдачного) - about $17/person complete. Serves Mediterranean-inspired food.
Ikon restaurant & bar, on Basseinaya str. 5a (Бассейная 5а) +380675077020. About $40/person complete. Serves fusion cuisine, unique cocktails. Open Su-W from 12:00 till 01:00, Th-Sa from 12:00 till 6:00 - party.
Karavan, on Klovskiy Spusk 10. Serves Uzbek-Tatar food.
Kureni, 4, Parkova Alley - wonderful national restaurant with very tasty dishes. Dinner for five persons, including different appetizers, soups, main dishes and gorilka is around €135. It is situated on the bank of the Dnepr river and in summer it is very nice to get dinner in the garden, while in winter inside the main building you can enjoy view through large windows and fire from the fireplace. all the major credit-cards are accepted.
Lola Pizza, on Lva Tolstoho (Льва Толстого). The cost of a large pizza is about 100 UAH, and it's a very generous size. You can eat in the cafe area or take-away.
Oliva, Druzhby Narodiv Blvd 25a (Бульвар Дружбы Народов 25а), Kominternu St 5 - Good Italian restaurant with delicious food, and good prices (average price fore one persone is about 100-200 UAH). And you can have English breakfast there from early morning till 11AM.
O’Panas, Shevchenko Park, 10 Tereshchenkivska, 235-2132. Open daily from 10PM till 1PM Traditional wooden restaurant, popular to tourists. Really good mlyntsi... try the mushroom ones. (avg.$US20/person). If you just want to try the mlyntsi, you can walk-up to a stand on the side of the restaurant and get them to go.
ResTop., 3/4: Zhitomirskaya 3/4Phone: 278-0636Hours: until 23.00Price: UAH100-200Offers a sushi menu together with European dishes in a friendly atmosphere. Currently closed for renovation.
Tsimmus, 10/5 Sahaydachnoho for Ukrainian-Jewish food. in the #10 building on the main street, but go around the corner to a side street where the street number would have been 5 had it not been attached to a building that already has an address (about $US20/person)
VernissageAndrew's Descent 30Phone: 425 2403Price: UAH 150-250 but if you don't want a full meal the pancakes are great.One of a chain of four restaurants in Kiev with the same name, this has a Bohemian feel to it that goes well with the "Montmartre" reputation of Andrew's Descent. Outdoor eating in summer but the small indoor restaurant is nicely decorated and the toilet tucked away in a difficult corner is not to be missed.

It's also worth checking out pubs and restaurants that offer business lunches during weekday lunch. These are set menus that usually cost around 40 UAH, and include soup, salad, meat dish and a drink.

Buddha Bar KievKreshatik 14; ., 14Phone: (+38 044) 270-76-76Hours: 13:00 till 02:00 (till 04:00 on Friday and Saturday)The restaurant has a longest bar in town. Restaurant and Lounge zone. Pan-Asian cuisine: enjoy Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indian dishes in a exclusive interior.
Concord - on the roof of the Donbass Centre at Lva Tolstogo Square
Da Vinci Fish Club, Volodyrmyrska Street (Володимирськa). Seafood-orientated restaurant with an Italian influence. Very delicious food - a place to see and be seen. Cost around $60 per person, drinks extra. Metro: Zoloti Vorota
Mimino, on Spaska (Спаська). Based on the Soviet film of the same name about a Georgian pilot. The waiters are attired in '60s influenced flight attendant uniforms. Very nice Georgian food, mainly lots of meat. Good Georgian wine available also. Cost around $US40 per person, drinks extra. Metro: Kontraktova Ploscha.
Restaurant Patisserie Surprise., 3: Pyrohova 3Phone: 235-72-34Hours: 9:00 till the last customerThe restaurant has a bar, tea salon, summer terrace, television, etc. Enjoy freshly made pastries, ice cream and sorbets. French and European cuisine.
Touch cafe - mostly a restaurant but also turns into a nightclub.
Two Hares, at the top of Andriyivski Uzviz. 19th-century themed place, good food. Have the rabbit pie (about 90UAH), which is served in a rabbit made of pastry.
Wolkonsky cafe, bakery and patissieryGood croissants and perfect place to have meal.
Lun Van Chinese restaurant
Schnitzel Haus, vul Saksahanskoho 51.
Tapas Tapas Bar, vul Tarasivska 10a.
Ukrainian: There are many restaurants that claim to serve authentic Ukrainian food.
* Shynok: In the Pechersk district. 28v Lesi Ukrainki, very traditional food and furniture. 11.00-24.00.
* Pervak : vul Rohnidenska 2, set lunch only 35-42 UAH.
Italian: Momento on Zlatoustivska (near the Circus), Napule on Mechnikova (near Metro station "Klovska")
Georgian: Mimino on Spaska (Podil)
Vietnamese: there are several restaurants, owned by a person from Vietnam (the cuisine is a comprise of "hits", rather than complete luncheon sets; considered above-average within local Vietnamese community; extremely expensive)
Chinese: There is a good one near Metro Universitet. It's called "Jiu Long", which means "Nine Dragons" (there is a fast food store upfront, but if you go through the arch, you will see an entire Chinese-style building, that's where the real restaurant is; quality is good and prices are lower than some other similarly fancy restaurants). If you don't care about price, go to "Lun Van" near Metro Teatralna. Other above-average venues (but be warned, no one who's experienced anything like the real thing will find satisfactory Chinese food in Kiev) are Mandarin on a floating entertainment complex near the river port in Podil, and Vostok which is across the road from Mandarin.
Japanese: There's one called Hanoi which serves Japanese and Vietnamese food. It is located near Metro Arsenalna. The quality is quite high, although the prices are too. Further, you will find various sushi-bar-chains in Kyiv (namely Sushi-Ya, Murakami and Yakitoria)
Nobu12 Shota Rustaveli StreetGood Japanese restaurant, but don't be fooled by the name it's not owned by famous chef Nobu Matsuhisa.
Sumosan, in The Premier Palace hotel. Sister restaurant to Sumosan in London. Decent sushi.
King DavidPhone: 044 235 7436Esplanadna 24 near the Central Synagogue, Glatt Kosher, many traditional Eastern European dishes. Many Vegetarian dishes. Open 10.00 to 23.00, closed Saturdays
Haiffa Kostiantynivska 57 Warning: Despite what some guide books (Bradt etc.) may say this restaurant no longer serves kosher food, it has been converted into a strip club, but the signs from the kosher restaurant have not been removed.

source: Wikivoyage

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