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Downtown Kaohsiung
Pier 2 Art CenterBetween Sihzihwan Metro Station and Yanchengpu Metro Station
This former warehouse district has been converted into a series of contemporary art galleries. As these are commercial galleries and not museums, admission tends to be free. Between the warehouses there are numerous outdoor sculptures. The district is near Fishermen's Wharf, which can serve as a great place to grab a meal after a day looking at art.
Fishermen's Wharf / Banana PierNear Sihzihwan Metro Station
This tourist area features a number of restaurants with live performers and seaside seating. There is also a free exhibit within Banana Pier about Taiwan's banana industry.
Zuoying (左營區)
Lotus LakeZuoying DistrictTake a walk or bike around Lotus Lake. The lake is surrounded by temples, some of which have built out onto the lake. Of note are the Dragon-Tiger Pavilion and Spring Autumn Pavilion, as well as Taiwan's largest Confucius temple. During the day the lake is surrounded with stalls selling food, drinks and trinkets. Across the street from the Dragon-Tiger Pavilion is a Taiwanese puppet shop that's worth checking out. Just south of the lake is one of the restored gates of the Old Wall of Fongshan, built in 1826. A few blocks down on Shengli Road is the North Gate, the best-preserved of the three. On the other side of the gate is a new park and the Military Dependents' Museum, which features many vintage Taiwanese household items.
Pei Chi Pavilion On Lotus Lake in Zuoying Districtlarge statue of Beiji sits on Lotus Lake. The plank connecting the statue to the shore is lined with a series of beautiful sculptures of animals. The statue itself is hollow and contains a temple within. Although relatively recently constructed, this statue is colorful, colossal, and well worth a visit.
Spring & Autumn Pavilions On Lotus Lake in Zuoying DistrictTaoist temple complex contains a large dragon that you can enter. The inside of the dragon is beautifully painted with murals. Once you are done sightseeing within the dragon, you can exit out its opposite end. The nearby Dragon-Tiger Pavilion is also worth seeing, and features two pagodas you can visit as well.
Cijin (旗津; Qijin)
CycleIf you have only a brief period in Kaohsiung, skip Cijin. If you have more than a day, you will find the island to be a pleasant and relaxing place to take a break. Most of the major sites can be seen within two hours. Locals take a ferry to the island, and as a result the ferry is an affordable way to experience a brief boat ride. The elongated island is made for cycling and has a nice cycling track. You can rent a bike either before or after you take the ferry. There is a shop opposite exit 1 of Sizhiwan Station that rents out bikes for NT$59. Average price for bike rental in the area tend to be around NT$100. Once you get off the ferry you can turn right and start biking to the lighthouse and the fort, then continue south along the west coast. Alternatively, you can get off the ferry and continue straight through the market until you hit the beach at the end. From there, you can turn right to the fort and lighthouse or turn left down the bike path along the beach. While visiting, please note that the fort does not have guard rails installed, and may be dangerous for young children to visit, as there are many steep drops.
Rising Victory Bicycles#84 Miao-chien Road, Cijin District, Kaohsiung City.Phone: +886-7-571-4513Hours: 9AM-9PMMake your way to the end of the market from the ferry and, once past the seafood restaurants, you will see the beach. It is public access, but you will need NT$15 for the ferry ride first. There are nice facilities at the beach.
The Chijin Kiln Studio#25 Hai-an Road, Cijin District, Kaohsiung City.Phone: +886-7-5721678Fax: +886-7-5720632Hours: Tu-F noon-9PM, Sa-Su 11AM-9PM
Kaohsiung Lantern FestivalAt the end of Chinese New Year, near the Kaohsiung harbour and along the Love River, the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival is filled with a variety traditional lanterns and more modern light sculptures, nightly fireworks shows, Taiwanese food stands and other art programs and live concerts.
Urban SpotlightLocated at the corner of Central Park, Urban Spotlight is a cafe with a stage where local live bands perform in the evening. Take a walk around Central Park then stop at the cafe to cool off.
Night Markets
Food, games, and shopping. Try the Liuho Night Market, which is a tourist market. Ruifeng night market, at the corner of YuCheng and Nanping, heaves with locals. Closed Mondays and Wednesdays.
a nighttime stroll along the promenate of the Love River and enjoy the live musice, a coffee or an ice cream in one of the cafes.
Go to the top of The 85 Tower, the second tallest building in Taiwan.
Hike Monkey Mountain (壽山; Shòu shān) and enjoy the view of the city and the ocean. Beware of the namesake monkeys, who have been known to steal hikers' food, drinks, and even cameras.

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