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Find the practical map guide in most of the bars or laundries.

Trekking - The region is a trekkers paradise; it features breath taking views and an escape from the hive of people seen in other famed trekking locations like the Inca trail. Although one could do it on ones own, it's advisable to get a guide / run it through a specialist company. There are many companies offering these services. The House of Guides (Casa de Guías) offers professional free information, and maps for a price. They have a ´check in/check out´ book which it´s advisable to sign, especially if traveling without a guide.
The Santa Cruz Trek takes 3-4 days and can be done independently or with a guide. There are numerous places in Huaraz where one can rent equipment if need be. The trek is fairly difficult, reaching 15,617 feet (4760 m), and offers amazing views of many of the great peaks in the area. Note there was a landslide in March 2012 making it very difficult/impossible to complete the traditional route from Cashapampa to Vaqueria. A route through the effected area has not been completed as at late April 2012 although this may change with the upcoming high season (May-Sept). It is still possible do a return trek out of Vaqueria up and over the Punta Union pass.
A homestay in Vicos or Humacchuco, When you are interested in some alternative form of spending your trip in the region of Huaraz it is a very good idea to do a homestay in Vicos or Humacchuco. Vicos (1 hour from Huaraz) is an authentic rural community,which gives visitors the opportunity to learn about its Andean culture, livingin harmony with its environment. Vicos has seven different guest houses whichare situated next to the house of your host family who will assist you duringall the activities. Possible activities are; helping the family with theirdaily activities like baking bread, harvesting honey, fishing or grazing withthe animals, helping the family on their farming lands, visiting localcraftsman, hiking through the fields while visiting the ruins of the Huari andRecuay while learning about medicinal plants, or hiking for a full day tohigh-altitude lakes and glaciers and enjoying the views with the CordilleraBlanca at the background. Humacchuco is another community which is a little bit farther away (2 hours from Huaraz). Humacchuco has six different guest houses situated next to the house of your host family like in Vicos. Also here it is possible to help the families with their daily activities and learn about their culture. Besides this Humacchuco also offers wonderful hikings to Lake Llanganuco, Lake 69, Maria Joséfa and a hike to the valley of Huaytapallana.
Visit parks and squares, When the weather is good visit one of the nice squares (Plaza de Armas, Plaza de Belen) or parks (Park at Iglesia San Francisco). Just sit down, enjoy the nice weather with a good book or just to watch people.
Laguna Wilcacocha, 15 minutes by combi (1 S) from Huaraz. Ask to stop in Chiwipampa, "al cruce de Santa Cruz". Then walk up on the path, 1h30, quite rough. The laguna is very small, but the view on the mountains is nice. 1h to get down.
Laguna Antacocha, same trip as laguna Wilcacocha, but a bit further (30 min, about 2,5 S, get down just before to enter Recuay).
Laguna Churup. Get a taxi in the morning to Llupa (3 S, waiting that the combi is full). Then walk on the main path to Pitec, just a cross where a man register and make you pay the entrance to the park (5 S for one day, 65 S from one night to one month...)(from there you can also go to the Laguna Shallap). The way is quite rough, 2-3h, but the view very nice and you will eat in front of the nevado and turquoise water. Get down in 1h.
walk to the mirador, 45 min, begining on the right side of the cemetery, to have a view of the city. You can follow further, it's nice, but there are cases of robbers, so bring the minimal.
go to the foot of Huascaran, the biggest mountain in Peru, 6768m. Take a combi to Mancos (5 S), then to Musho (2,5 S) where the path begins. But there are several ways and no indication, so don't go if you haven't good information or a guide. About 4h to go to the Refugio, and 2h more to the first snow.
go to the Therms of Monterrey, directly in combi from Fitzcarrald street (1 S). Or walk from Wilkawain's ruins (by combi, 1,30 S, 20 min), by the football place, go up the steps then follow straight, 1h30. You have a nice view on Huascaran.

The entrance to the therms is 3,50 S, for the public swimming pool or private bathtub. Warm !

the good place to see is Hatun Machay or stone forest, very impressive. Some climbers come there and sleep in the Refugio (30 S/night) or in their tents (20 S/night). You can rent material in Huaraz. Bring your food and water.

Get a combi to Catac (3,5 S) then a taxi collectivo to kilometer 131 (5 S) direction Conococha, where the path begins. Walk up 2h, easy. At the end you have to choose, take left. You have to pay 5 S the entrance for one single day.

Get down 1h30, you can try hitch hiking to come back.

source: Wikivoyage

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