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Original Hamburg dishes are Birnen, Bohnen und Speck (Low Saxon Birn, Bohn un Speck, green runner beans cooked with pears and bacon), Aalsuppe (Low Saxon Oolsupp, often mistaken to be German for “eel soup“ (Aal/Ool translated ‘eel’), however the name probably comes from the Low Saxon allns [ʔaˑlns], meaning “all”, “everything and the kitchen sink”, not necessarily eel. Today eel is often included to meet the expectations of unsuspecting diners.), Bratkartoffeln (Low Saxon Brootkartüffeln, pan-fried potato slices), Finkenwerder Scholle (Low Saxon Finkwarder Scholl, pan-fried plaice), Pannfisch (pan-fried fish), Rote Grütze (Low Saxon Rode Grütt, related to Danish rødgrød, a type of summer pudding made mostly from berries and usually served with cream, like Danish rødgrød med fløde) and Labskaus (a mixture of corned beef, mashed potatoes and beetroot, a cousin of the Norwegian lapskaus and Liverpool's Scouse (food), all offshoots off an old-time one-pot meal that used to be the main component of the common sailor's humdrum diet on the high seas).

Alsterwasser in Hamburg (a reference to the city's river Alster with two lake-like bodies in the city centre thanks to damming), a type of, a concoction of equal parts of beer and carbonated lemonade (Zitronenlimonade), the lemonade being added to the beer.

Hamburg is also home to a curious regional dessert pastry called Franzbrötchen. Looking rather like a flattened croissant, the Franzbrötchen is somewhat similar in preparation but includes a cinnamon and sugar filling, often with raisins or brown sugar. The name may also reflect to the roll's croissant-like appearance – franz appears to be a shortening of französisch, meaning "French", which would make a Franzbrötchen a “French roll.” Being a Hamburg regional food, the Franzbrötchen becomes quite scarce outside the borders of the city; as near as Lunenburg (Lüneburg) it can only be found as a Hamburger and is not available in Bremen at all.

Ordinary bread rolls tend to be oval-shaped and of the French bread variety. The local name is Rundstück (“round piece” rather than mainstream German Brötchen, diminutive form of Brot “bread”), a relative of Denmark's rundstykke. In fact, while by no means identical, the cuisines of Hamburg and Denmark, especially of Copenhagen have a lot in common. This also includes a predilection for open-faced sandwiches of all sorts, especially topped with cold-smoked or pickled fish. The American hamburger seems to have developed from Hamburg's Frikadelle: a pan-fried patty (usually larger and thicker than the American counterpart) made from a mixture of ground beef, soaked Staling, egg, chopped onion, salt and pepper, usually served with potatoes and vegetables like any other piece of meat, not usually on a bun. Many Hamburgers consider their Frikadelle and the American hamburger different, virtually unrelated. The Oxford Dictionary defined a Hamburger steak in 1802: a sometimes-smoked and -salted piece of meat, that, according to some sources, came from Hamburg to America.

In central station, you can get all kinds of snacks, including the fast food chains. But also fresh fish — Hamburg or Sushi style.
Joker, Reeperbahn 153. Great for a quick bite before going out in the area. Try the Oriental Chicken!
GeelhausKoppel 76 (St. Georg) Daily 6PM-11PM, some meals until midnight. Menu changes frequently, fresh food, creativity.
Lühmanns Teestube, Blankeneser Landstraße 29 (take the S-Bahn to Blankenese, and walk west on Blankeneser Landstraße from the station) M-F 9AM-11PM, Sa 9AM-6PM, Su 10AM-11PM. Friendly local café. Light fare and local specialties, wonderful pies, and baked goods. Their Cornish tea with fresh scones is worth trying. €5-15.
Murphy's Roadhouse, Saseler Markt 1 (S-Bahn Poppenbüttel, then the bus to Saseler Markt). M-Th Noon-1AM, F Sa Noon-2AM, Su 10AM-midnight. Serves a variety of American type food. In the northern suburbs, so it's a bit of a trip unless you are in the area. Typical meal should run about €10-17.
Teufels Küche, Ottenser Hauptstraße 4, M-Sa 11AM-11PM, Su Noon-10PM. Serves International "freestyle" food.
Ristorante BorsalinoSternstrasse 125, three minutes from S-Bahn station Sternschanze in the trendy neighbourhood of Schanzenviertel. Pizzas start from 6, fresh pasta is around 7-10 (try Pasta Mista), the meat dishes are delicious (it is right next to the "Schlachthof"-Slaughterhouse) and the four course menu is at 19.50. From noon-3PM they serve a lunch menu for 6,50. Opening hours M-F noon-3PM and 6PM-midnight, Sa 6PM-midnight, Sundays closed. Reservations recommended.
Feldstern, Sternstraße 2 (U-Feldstraße), M-F from 12, Sa-So from 9. Cozy pub/restaurant with affordable German food and outside seating in the summer. Nice lunch menu from 12-16 on weekdays.
Vegetarian/vegan food

Every day, you can get vegetarian food for donation (€1.50) in different places check out on this site: .

In the Hauptbahnhof (Central Station), there are a lot of snack bars to have a quick meal. While there are probably not many vegetarian snack bars, there is a fairly decent selection of veggie food to be found, such as croissants with brie cheese and meat-free pizza slices.

Batman Döner, Steinstraße, St. Georg.
Kz UrfaPaul-Nevermann-Platz 2-4Phone: +49-40-30035826Hours: 8am-3am
Lokma, Susannenstr. 16. It is not without reason that a lot of Turkish people love this place. Take the S11 subway and get out at Sternschanze. From there Lokma is seven minutes away.
Pamukkale Grill and Restaurant, Susannenstraße 34-35; opposite Lokma. One of the oldest Doener stores in Hamburg. Operates a takeaway bistro and a restaurant.
Falafel factory, next to S-Sternschanze, price €2.60-3.10.
Azeitona, Beckstraße (Schanze), price €2.50, you can get there also other great oriental food and smoke a shisha.
Aladin, on the other side of the "Fabrik" in the Bahrenfelderstraße (Ottensen/Altona).
Falafelstern, next to S-Sternschanze, price €3-3.50
Al LidoAmsinckstrae 70Phone: +49 40 23688975Excellent Italian and Pizzeria
Alster CliffFhrdamm 13Phone: +49 40 442719Nice place to stop for coffee and cake or a meal.
Cafe ParisRathausstrae 4Phone: +49 40 32527777Hours: 9 AM-11:30 PMClassic French bistro in a beautiful historical building. Good place to get a coffee and pastry, or enjoy a leisurely lunch.
Delta BistroLagerstrasse 11Price: Main dishes are from 12 to 20Surprisingly cozy atmosphere. High quality meat and fish, but the menu offers some vegetarian dishes, too. Dishes are huge and the preparation quality comes close to star-awarded locations. It is advisable to reserve a table in advance, especially on Fridays and Saturdays in the autumn and winter months.
GalateaBallindammGood Italian food.
La MirabelleBundesstrae 15French cuisine, fresh four or five course meal, changing daily, including wine at approximately 55.
KartoffelkellerDeichstrasse 21Large range of dishes with potatoes at their heart, including lots of traditional German dishes, eg Herring and Potatoes. Mains 10-15
ParlamentRathausmarkt 1Phone: +49 40 70383399Fax: +49 40 70383398Price: Mains ca 20Traditional local food in the amazing basement of the Rathaus.
Restaurant CoxGreifswalder Str. 43Phone: +49 40 249422Price: Dinner including wine is approximately 30-40.Trendy restaurant with consistently good international cuisine, often local German dishes. It has a value lunch deal (two course menu for 11).
Restaurant KalliopeaNeue Whr 14Phone: +49 40 6310596Fax: +49 40 18055240Price: Mains ca 15Traditional Greek food.
VapianoPrice: Fill your boots for around 20A chain, Vapiano serves Italian food, in a trendy, friendly atmosphere. By the entrance you will get a "credit card", you show when you order food in the different kitchens. You pay when you leave.
Vasco da GamaLange Reihe 67Phone: +49 40 2803305Hours: 11.30AM to 11PMPrice: lunch 10, dinner 20Good Portuguese and German food.
BullereiLagerstrae 34, BPhone: +49 040 3344-2110Modern and cool steak restaurant.
Die BankHohe Bleichen 17Phone: +49 40 2380030Contemporary and classy German food using seasonal ingredients. Die Bank is just that, a former bank, with a money themed contemporary decor. It's a classy place to be seen - dress fabulous.
Fischereihafen-RestaurantPhone: +49 40 381816Groe Elbstrae 143. Excellent view of parts of the port and the river Elbe. Many celebs have dined here, including English royals.

If you want to relax and drink a coffee in some coffee bars go to:

Lange Reihe Many bars, cafes and restaurants all along the street. Although the Lange Reihe is the heart of the gay community, most places are jointly visited by straight and gay people of any age. All places are gay-friendly, many are gay-owned or gay-run, but not all of them.
Piazza, in the "Schulterblatt" (Schanze). You will find a high number of bars and cafés here, many of Portuguese or Spanish background.
Cafe Gnosa, Lange Reihe 93, St. Georg-area. Coffeehouse with wide range of delicious self-made cakes and pastries, also good for breakfast. Gay-owned. Customers mixed by straight and gay people of any age. May not be easy to catch a table during rush-hours. For sugar- and caffeine-addicts.
Cafe Klatsch, Glashüttenstraße 17. A small cafe serving breakfast and other tidbits in a very cozy environment with friendly staff.
MarYSol or tazza d'oro (both "Ottenser Hauptstraße") or some other cafés in the Ottensen area.

source: Wikivoyage

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