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Yatai, or street stalls, are plentiful throughout Fukuoka and present a great place to grab a bite to eat and drink while mixing with the locals. Yatai are usually a last stop on a pub crawl since they provide cheap eats that taste better after a long night, and it's easier to start a conversation with a stranger after many beers. Don't rely on one for dinner! And bring your meishi (business cards) if you have any, because they often get swapped here.

Tenjin, 100 yen by bus from Hakata Station or to the west of Fukuoka Nishitetsu Station, is one of the best places in the whole country to explore Japanese nightlife. This also includes Daimyo, a farther out area which is becoming the "new Tenjin". Unlike comparable areas in Tokyo, there are no scam bars in Tenjin, and the "snack bars" are not ridiculously overpriced. The area is aimed towards the locals but it is still large, new, fashionable, and full of unique experiences. This is one of the safest places imaginable to drop into a new bar, so why not give it a try?

Note that some of the smaller bars down the backstreets will often have a table charge of ¥200-500 per person. This usually means you get a tiny bowl of nuts, chips or pickled octopus.

For extremely unadventurous groups, the area abounds with chain izakaya (Japanese pubs) that have picture menus which make it easy for the traveler who speaks no Japanese. Watami わたみ wara wara わらわら are two such chains. Shirokiya, another izakaya, is decent and fairly easy to find. It is on Nishi-dori, across from the Nishtetsu Grand Hotel above Kitamura Camera in the same building as Sam and Dave's, a night club popular with the hip-hop crowd.

Xaymaca3F Bacchus House 3-4-15 TenjinA Jamaican bar serving many different kinds of Rum, an array of cocktails, and Jamaican foods. Cozy, fun, and sometimes a wild atmosphere offering latest and vintage reggae. Definitely a local Japanese and expat hangout.
InfinityA standard in the hip hop bar/club scene, offers funky interior design with specials all week. Check out the website for the event schedule.
The Craic and The PorterPhone: +81 92 4514-95162F Kusano Bldg (Above ABC FLower shop on Oyafuko-dori). A beer bar for "beer lovers." Features numerous, hard-to-find American and European imports by a very interesting American expatriate. An entertaining time is guaranteed for all.
Off Broadway (2F Beans Bldg, Oyafukodori. ☎ +81 92 724-5383) in Tenjin is run by a friendly American expatriate and is a favorite with navy personnel passing through the region. Serves a great hamburger, but don't expect it to come too quickly. Happy hour from 6PM-8PM everyday.
The Dark Room close to Off Broadway is the de facto hang-out for foreign rock bands playing in the area. The proprietor, Moses, ensures a good time in this multi-level indie hangout. Also has a 8th floor beer garden, which is a great place to kick back on summer evenings. Thursdays are ¥300 Corona beer night.
The ubiquitous Hard Rock Cafe chain has a Fukuoka outlet, situated at the Hawks Town mall, next to Yahoo Dome in momochi (subway: Nishijin)
Happy Cock9F, 2-1-51 DaimyoPrice: All drinks 500; all-you-can-drink or all-you-can-eat-and-drink specials available early evenings and some nights 2500-3000Ignore the suggestive name; this is a popular crowded spot for locals and gaijin alike. The British ex-pat owner is very friendly.

The Happy hour concept is just beginning to make its way into the bars in the area, so you can now find places that do cheap drinks. Thursday night is also a good time to avoid weekend crowds, find the local ex-pat population and get some good deals on drinks.

Morris' British Pub in Daimyo does Happy hour from 5PM-7PM. Guinness,Old speckled Hen ¥590 a pint,and cocktails are half price. Fish and chips. Around the corner from the KFC on Nishidori. Open from 5PM.
Tattoo (1-18-36 Imaizumi, Chuo-Ku. Open 6PM-4AM. ☎ +81 92 716-6119) and Propeller Drive (owned by the same guy and both located in Imaizumi) have Happy Hour from 6PM-8PM Su-Friday, drinks ¥300 yen.
Bar BlissChuo-ku, Yakuin 2-choume 11-24 (7PM-2AM closed Sunday)Phone: +81 92 713-2058Bar/restaurant is a great place to meet interesting locals, variety of shochus and a wide range of western style foods. Guinness is served on tap. Eclectic mix of local Fukuokans.
Three Kings British PubChuo-ku, Daimyo 1-11-22Phone: +81 92 403-3622Hours: 5PM-midnight, closed MondayBritish-owned pub serving traditional pub food, and with a wide range of import beers on tap.
Blue Banana2F Bacchus House 3-4-15 TenjinPhone: +81 92 732-6232An African themed bar in the same building as The Dark Room. The owner, Tim, is very friendly and will play the drums along with music. On weekends they sometimes have live music.

source: Wikivoyage

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