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For a good listing of what's happening and places to eat and drink, the local monthly English language Fukuoka Now magazine is a great start.

Hakata-Dontaku(博多どんたく)This is a traditional festival.It is held on March,We can see traditional dance. "Dontaku" means "Sunday" in Dutch. People enjoy this festival.
The area is famous for 2 local annual festivals, the Dontaku (May 3–4) and the Yamakasa (July 1–15), both of which are some of Japan's oldest festivals and draw huge crowds..
For a view of the bay, check out the Bayside Place Hakata Pier:a marine terminal for the regular service ferries for Tsushima Island and Hakata Bay cruise boats. The terminal building has a 8 m tall "Aquarium," with 6,000 fish. The Hakata Port Tower has an observatory 70 m above the ground, allowing for a great view of the port and the streets of Fukuoka.
Rent bikes and tour about the city. There are a handful of shops that have resonable prices. The cities best treasures are discovered while following any of the many paths or sidewalks. One webpage does advise of a rental facility near the piers, this is false as they have ceased renting bikes as of May 2011.
In the summer, many of the department stores have beer gardens on their roofs, with buffet style courses and all you can drink for about 2 hours. If you have a bit of cash (around ¥3500) it's a nice way to spend a hot summer evening.
The park behind Solaria Plaza, Kego Koen, is a great place to go to experience Tenjin's youth culture and do some people watching. Don't be surprised if some of these kids try to approach you for a bit of random conversation.
If you haven't tried karaoke yet, why not try it now? There are many karaoke places to choose from, some with costumes you can borrow (just don't try to take them home). If you just want to go for a couple of hours, most places will charge by the hour; morning and afternoon hours being the cheapest. If you want to make a night of it, from 11PM, most have free time systems which mean nomihodai (all you can drink) and all you can sing for about ¥2,500, until 5AM.
Get out of the city. Although Fukuoka doesn't seem like the premier beach destination city, there are quite a few beautiful beaches in and around Fukuoka city. Most are an easy train ride away. While surfing isn't very good during the summer, a few waves can be caught around Mitoma (take the subway to Kaizuka Stn, then transfer to the Nishitetsu Miyajidake line to Mitoma Stn. Takes about 20 min or so. From the station, it's a 10 minute walk to the beach. West of the city, Nijinohama and Futamigaura, are supposed to have nice waves. To get to Nijinohama, you'll need a car.
*Drive to Maebaru IC, head in the Shima(志摩) direction along Kendo 12. Go straight at the intersection in front of Shima town office and turn left at Nogita intersection in front of 7-Eleven. 50 min from Tenjin. To get to Futamigaura, take a SHOWA bus for Tani from JR Chikuzen Maebaru (so first take a subway to Chikuzen Maebaru if you are in Tenjin or Hakata). Get off the bus at Imuta (around 30 min). About a 15 min walk to the beach.
Check out Club Olympus Fitness Centre & Spa for some recreation or a massage. Equipped with a health and fitness club and relaxation lounges for men and women.

From Hakata Station, head to the Hakata Machiya Folk Museum for a glimpse of the Hakata way of life. http://www.hakatamachiya.com/english/. It's about 15 min away from the station on foot, or a bit less if you exit on Gion station. From there, head over to Kushida Shrine, which lies in the heart of old Hakata.
Canal City is just a hop and a skip away from Kushida Shrine. http://www.canalcity.co.jp/eg/index.html Canal City offers shopping, shopping and more shopping. However, if you've worked up a bit of an appetite while wandering Hakata, Canal City also offers several dining options for the hungry tourist. Indian curry, Japanese lunch sets, pasta, the famous Hakata ramen, sushi and fast food can all be found.
Walk along the river towards Hakata-za, Fukuoka's Kabuki theater. On the way, from about 4PM, you'll see the yatai (food stall) vendors setting up their booths and preparing ingredients for the evening crowds.
Alternatively, take a wander through the Nakasu Kawabata shopping arcade as you head towards Hakata-za. The arcade is a long, old-fashioned shopping streets with a variety of shops selling traditional Japanese goods among other items. Good for picking up souvenirs and other randomness.
Hakata-za is housed in the Riverain complex, a luxury boutique shopping mall. Next door you'll find the Asian Art Museum which hosts exhibitions from all around Asia.http://faam.city.fukuoka.lg.jp/eng/home.html
Wander back to the riverside for a yatai dinner, drink and a chance to experience Hakata life and culture. A few of the yatai vendors speak a bit of English. Just be careful about the prices, sometimes the yatai don't have menus, so be sure to ask what they have and how much things are.
Tenjin is very much about shopping, above and below ground. Starting from the Central Post office on Showa-dori, head downstairs to the underground shopping arcade. All of the major shops and department stores are connected to the underground.
Tenjin Core will provide you with a chance to see younger and more colorful fashion, ranging from frilly and cute to flashy and glam.
Solaria Stage houses Incube, a shop with a variety of kitsch toys and gifts.
IMS http://www.ims.co.jp/ has quite a few clothing stores, but also has the Toyota Gallery where you can check out the latest models, the Artium gallery with new exhibitions every few weeks, Rainbow Plaza where you can get information about the city in English and the 12th and 13th floors with several dining choices.
Daimaru and Mitsukoshi, towards the end of the underground shopping are large departments stores with more or less the same products represented in both. Both also house grocery stores and deli-style gourmet markets in their basements.
Heading back to the surface, if you are by Daimaru or Mitsukoshi, you'll find yourself on Kokutai Dohro. Walking up this street can be a bit of a challenge at times as the sidewalk narrows and widens but the crowds don't go away. Head towards Nishidori and on the way, on your right just past the drugstore, you'll find Kego Shrine and Kego Park. Across the street is Bic Camera, for your electronic needs.
If you continue on Kokutai Dohro, you'll get to Nishidori, easy to find thanks to the Apple store on the corner. Make a right and begin your wandering. The area to your left is Daimyo, full of funky little boutiques and shops. There are also a countless number of restaurants, lunch time being a great time to try out their specials.
If it isn't too late (you haven't spent the entire day window shopping and being lost in Daimyo), head back to Nishidori and walk towards the Nishitetsu Grand Hotel. If you make a left and walk straight up that street, Meijidori, you'll eventually find yourself at the Fukuoka Castle ruins. They will be on your left just about 5–10 minutes walk past the Starbucks and McDonalds.
If you continue on down Meijidori, you'll find Ohori Park. There you can feed the ducks, fish or pigeons (if you so desire), rent a paddle boat to take on the pond or relax on one of the many benches in the shade of the trees. In the spring, check out the cherry blossoms. In the summer, around the beginning of August, a fireworks festival is held here.
The Fukuoka Art Museum is also located in Ohori Park. While it isn't huge, occasionally the exhibitions are worthwhile and not overly expensive.
Wander back to Meijidori and if you can't walk anymore, grab a bus back to Tenjin (天神). Get off at Daimyo 2 chome or Nishitetsu Grand Hotel Mae and head back into Daimyo for a bit to eat. A few places offer Happy Hour from 5-7, if you are looking for some refreshment before dinner.

source: Wikivoyage

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