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    Monday Nov 30 2:59 pm
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Hotels in Codogne

  • Villa Toderini Agriturismo

    Villa Toderini Agriturismo is one of the ideal, premium places to stay in Codogne. Nicely found in close proximity to de'ja' vu codogne' and Bar Pinco Pallino, Villa Tode...

  • Ai Casoni

    With de'ja' vu codogne', Bar Pinco Pallino and Borgoscuro grappa fine conveniently found near the three star hotel, Ai Casoni; this hotel is appropriately located in the ...

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About Codogne

Codogne is the perfect destination to explore for a visitor traveling to Italy. Treviso / Sant'Angelo Airport is simply 20 miles away from the city, providing effortless access to and from the city. Some favorite hotels in Codogne for travelers are Villa Toderini Agriturismo and Ai Casoni.

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