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St. Martin's Cathedral (Dóm sv. Martina ) - the largest and one of the oldest churches in Bratislava, situated below Bratislava Castle. The Gothic cathedral, formerly the coronation-church of several Hungarian kings, begun in 1204, and reconsecrated in 1445, was restored in 1861-80. The tower is surmounted by a pyramid bearing a gilded Hungarian royal crown. 09:00-11:30 and 13:00-17:00 daily, except most Saturdays and all Sundays, until November 2009, entrance €2.
Bratislava Castle (Bratislavský hrad ) - the castle itself is already opened after reconstruction and hosts the expositions. Entrance is free
The SNP Bridge (Most Slovenského národného povstania , called Nový most from 1993 to 2012) - a bridge over the Danube river, with its flying saucer-shaped structure housing a restaurant called "UFO" . There is an observation deck on its roof, open from 10:00-23:00 daily, offering great views of the old town, as well as the apartment blocks in Petržalka. Entrance costs €6.50, but is free of charge if you eat in the restaurant.
Slavn monumentOn the top of the hill behind the castle, overlooking the entire city. This is a monument in memory of Soviet casualties in the liberation battle of Bratislava in World War II. It is the highest place in the city, and thus the best place for viewing the city. Slavin actually is a cemetery and thus rather quiet. On warm nights it's a very romantic place, allowing you to sit in the shadows of the monument and look at the traffic below. To get there, take trolleybus no. 203 from Hodovo nmestie (in front of the Presidential Palace) in the direction Bdkov and get off in 9 minutes at the last stop, then walk 500 m along Star vinrska and then Paickho streets. Slavin is near an embassy district.
St. Clare's Church (Kostol sv. Kláry) - a Gothic church on Klariská street, in the historical center; currently used as a concert hall
Church of the Annunciation (Kostol Zvestovania / Františkáni / Františkánsky kostol).
Church of the Holy Savior (Kostol Najsvätejšieho Spasitel'a)
Roland Fountain (Rolandova fontána) Built by stone cutter Andreas Luttringer and commissioned by Hungarian king Maximilian in 1527, this was the first fountain in Bratislava.
Primate's Palace (Primaciálny palác) - currently the seat of the Mayor of Bratislava
Old Town Hall (Stará radnica) next to Primate's Palace, on Primaciálne square 3. The Old Town Hall is open to the public as a museum.
Grassalkovich Palace and gardensOr the Presidential Palace (Prezidentsk palc) - a Rococo/late Baroque summer palace with a French garden, used as a seat of the President of Slovakia. In one of the garden's alleys you will see a row of trees planted by famous people such as Juan Carlos I (King of Spain). In front of the Palace you will see the Slovak National Guard.
The Church of St. Elisabeth (Kostol svätej Alžbety), nicknamed The Blue Church (Modrý kostolík) - a beautiful Jugendstil church finished in 1913, a must see. Located on Bezručova street.
Mirbach Palace (Mirbachov palác)
Palffy Palace (Pálffyho palác)
Academia Istropolitana is the oldest historic University in the area, which is now occupied by the state of Slovakia, from the 13th century.
The historic building of the Slovak National Theatre (Slovenské národné divadlo) - the theatre was built in 1886 and is on Hviezdoslavovo square
Michael's Gate with Tower (Michalská brána) - This 51m heigh tower above the gate with its green copper roof is one of the best known and the oldest buildings in Bratislava. It has been built in the 14th century as one of the four gates to the city .
Laurin's Gate (Laurinská brána)
Pharmacological Museum (Farmaceutické múzeum)
Milan Dobes MuseumThis small museum features modernist Op-art. It lies in the city center and is recommended to all interested in the development of modern art.
Main Indoor Market (Tržnica at Trnavské mýto)
Chatam Sofer Mausoleum and the Jewish Cemetery and Jewish Community Museum situated in the Heydukova Street Synagogue, which is the only synagogue in Bratislava.
The Slovak Radio Building (Slovenský rozhlas) - Its main building is a peculiar 60 meter high reversed pyramid from the communist era and a landmark in sharp contrast with the building of the Slovak National Bank just across the street.

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