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Bratislava is situated in south-western Slovakia, within the Bratislava Region. Its location on the borders with Austria and Hungary makes it the only national capital that borders two countries. It is only from the border with the Czech Republic and only from the Austrian capital Vienna.

The city has a total area of, making it the second-largest city in Slovakia by area (after the township of Vysoké Tatry). Bratislava straddles the Danube River, which it had developed around and for centuries was the chief transportation route to other areas. The river passes through the city from the west to the south-east. The Middle Danube basin begins at Devín Gate in western Bratislava. Other rivers are the Morava River, which forms the north-western border of the city and enters the Danube at Devín, the Little Danube, and the Vydrica, which enters the Danube in the borough of Karlova Ves.

The Carpathian mountain range begins in city territory with the Little Carpathians (Malé Karpaty). The Záhorie and Danubian lowlands stretch into Bratislava. The city's lowest point is at the Danube's surface at above mean sea level, and the highest point is Devínska Kobyla at . The average altitude is .


Bratislava lies in the north temperate zone and has a moderately continental climate (original/US Köppen–Geiger climate classification Cfb/Dfb, Trewartha climate classification DCbo, USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 7a) with mean annual temperature (1990-2009) of around, average temperature of in the warmest month and in the coldest month, four distinct seasons and precipitation spread rather evenly throughout the year. It is often windy with a marked variation between hot summers and cold, humid winters. The city is in one of the warmest and driest parts of Slovakia. Recently, the transitions from winter to summer and summer to winter have been rapid, with short autumn and spring periods. Snow occurs less frequently than previously. Extreme temperatures (1990-2009) - absolute maximum:, absolute minimum: . Some areas, particularly Devín and Devínska Nová Ves, are vulnerable to floods from the Danube and Morava rivers. New flood protection has been built on both banks.

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