Bologna Travel Guide

Getting Around

Layout of the city

The iconic leaning towers (Due Torre) provide a useful central landmark. They are marked in the center of the free map available from the Tourist Information Center in the main square, Piazza Maggiore. The central area around Piazza Maggiore (including the Due Torri and Piazza Santo Stefano can be thought of as the hub of a wheel, with other roads leading out like spokes to the old city gates (Porte) that stud the Viali—a heavily trafficked beltway that surrounds the historical center of the town. The northeast quadrant of the map is the university district (an integral part of the town rather than a separate campus). The two southern quadrants of your map are residential sections of the city, and not common tourist areas. However, Bologna's main park, the Giardini Margherita, is just outside the center (across the Viali from Porta Santo Stefano or Porta Castiglione), beneath the surrounding hills. Also to the south, an extended portico (with 666 arches and almost 4 km long) leads out from the Viali (at Porta Saragozza) up to the baroque Sanctuary of San Luca, which provides another iconic landmark.

Plan your travel

A great place to start planning how to get around Emilia-Romagna region and Bologna city using buses and trains is on: .

By bus

The ATC company is in charge of the buses in Bologna. Useful information can be found on their website: .

Tickets may be purchased prior to boarding the bus, or on the bus where there are ticket machines. If you see 2 machines on a bus (usually Red and Yellow) the Red one will sell you a ticket (1,5 EUR, valid for 1 hour) and the Yellow one will validate a 'season' or multi trip ticket. Information and ticket centers are available in central locations (railway station, coach station, city center). Useful bus maps are available there. These main ticket centres often sell multi trip tickets at a discount (e.g. €10 worth of travel for €8.50). You can also purchase tickets in many shops (newspaper sellers, tobacconists, cafes).

By taxi

On bike

Bikes are most popular among the people of Bologna. They are available for hire on various location around the city (one near the train station). You can ride on the many bike trails and on the side of the road.

Be sure to lock them safely with a good lock, as they get stolen all around town, especially around the University.

On foot

Bologna is a great place around which to travel on foot, as getting around the city is very simple with clear street signs. It is also a great way to find hidden gems such as Pizzerias packed with Italians (so you KNOW you reached the right place). Be a bit careful when crossing roads, the city centre swarms with scooters and small motorcycles (cars banned during the day) and they ride them everywhere.

source: Wikivoyage

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