Galician phrasebook

Galician is the Romance language most closely related to Portuguese. It is spoken in Galicia, which is in north-western Spain. Portuguese speakers (both European and Brazilian) will usually tell you that Galician is a dialect of their own language, while Galicians will tell you the opposite in a manner similar to that which exists between Bulgarians and Macedonians.

Still, Portuguese and Galician speakers can understand each other almost perfectly without a translator.

Galician has a different spelling and accent from Portuguese, and contains unique colloquialisms and traces of former cultures, using a number of pre-Indo-European, Celtic and Germanic words not found in Portuguese. On the other hand, there are Arabic words found in Portuguese that are not found in Galician.

source : Wikivoyage

Pronounciation Guide and Phrase List

  • Vowels

    · a,like father

    · e (stressed),like set, ten

    · e (unstressed),like herd

    · i,like machine

    · o (stressed),like hot, top (British pronunication)

    · o (unstressed),like sort

    · u,like soup or book

  • Consonants

    · b,like 'b' in "bed": "bico" ('kiss').

    · c + e, i,like 's' in "supper" (western Galicia) or 'th' in "think" (eastern Galicia): "cedo" ('early').

    · c + a, o, u,like 'k' in "key": "can" ('dog').

    · d,like 'd' in "day": "data" ('date').

    · f,like 'ph' in "phone": "ferro" ('iron').

    · g,like 'g' in "gone". In western Galicia, "g" is sometimes aspirated, like 'h' in "house": "xogo" ('game'). If followed by "e" or "i", "g" must be written with a silent "u": "xoguete" ('toy'), "preguiza" ('laziness'). If followed by a pronounced "u" and then by "e" or "i", that "u" bears a diaeresis: "bilingüe" ('bilingual'), "Güiana" ('Guyana').

    · h,silent: "harmonía" ('harmony').

    · j,like 'su' in "pleasure"

    · k,used only in foreign words like "kilo"

    · l,like 'l' in "love": "lúa" ('moon').

    · m,like 'm' in "month": "amarelo" ('yellow').

    · n,like 'n' in "nice": "nai" ('mother'). Like 'ng' in "song" if it's at the end of a word: "non" ('no').

    · ñ,like 'ny' in "canyon" : "xuño" ('June'). Transliterated as "nh" in Portuguese and "ny" in Catalan.

    · p,like 'p' in "party": "pai" ('father').

    · q,like 'q' in "unique". "Q" is almost always followed by a silent "u" and then by "e" or "i": "queixo" ('cheese'/'chin'), "arquivo" ('archive').

    · r,trill with the tip of the tongue, like other Romance languages: "terra" ('earth', 'land', 'ground').

    · s,like 's' in "supper": "persoa" ('person').

    · t,like 't' in "top": "ter" ('to have').

    · v,like 'b' in "bed": "novo" ('new').

    · x,like 'sh' in "shoe": "imaxe" ('image'), "axuda" ('help'), "xaneiro" ('January'), "viaxar" ('to travel'), "lóxico" ('logical'), "xanela" ('window'), "cervexa" ('beer'), "xeral" ('general'). Like 'x' in "example" (only in some words): "taxi" ('taxi'), "explorar" ('to explore'), "texto" ('text'), "excursión" ('trip')

    · z,like 's' in "supper" (western Galicia) or 'th' in "think" (eastern Galicia): "prezo" ('price'). Unlike Spanish, "Z" is never followed by "e" or "i".

  • Common diphthongs

    · ai,like say (British pronunciation)

    · au,like pout

    · ei,like say (American pronunciation)

    · eu,the e vowel plus a w semivowel (no equivalent in English)

    · oi,like boy

    · ou,as in own

  • Common digraphs

    · ch,like 'tch' in "match": "chave" ('key').

    · ll,like 'lli' in "million": "ollo" ('eye'). Same as in Catalan and as "lh" in "standard" Portuguese.

    · nh,like the nasal 'n' in "bang" : "unha" ('one' fem.)

  • Basics

    · Hello (informal).,Ola. ("OH-lah"). For the formal equivalent of "Ola" see good morning, good afternoon, good evening, below.

    · How are you?,Como estás? ("KOH-moh ehs-TAHS?") (informal); Como está? ("KOH-moh ehs-TAH?") (formal)

    · Fine, thank you.,Moi ben, grazas. ("moy behn, GRAH-sahs")

    · What is your name?,Como te chamas? ("koh-MOH teh tchah-MAHS?") (informal); Como se chama? ("koh-MOH seh tchah-MAH?") (formal)

    · My name is ______ .,Chámome ______ . ("CHAH-moh-meh____")

    · Nice to meet you.,É un pracer. ("EH oon PRAH-sehr")

    · Please.,Por favor. ("pohr FAH-bohr")

    · Thank you.,Grazas. ("GRAH-sahs")

    · You're welcome.,De nada. / Non hai de que. ("deh NAH-dah/nohn ai deh keh")

    · Yes.,Si. ("SEE")

    · No.,Non. ("nohn")

    · Excuse me. ("getting attention"),Perdoe. / Desculpe. ("pehr-DOEH/dehs-KOOL-peh")

    · Excuse me. ("begging pardon"),Perdoe. ("pehr-DOEH") / Desculpe. ("dehs-KOOL-peh")

    · I'm sorry.,Síntoo moito. ("SEEN-toh-oh MOY-toh")

    · Goodbye,Adeus. ("ah-DEH-oos")

    · I can't speak Galician,Non falo [moi ben o galego. ("nohn FAH-loh (moy behn) oh gah-LEH-goh")

    · Do you speak English?,Falas inglés? (informal) ("fah-LAHS een-GLEHS?")

    · Is there someone here who speaks English?,Hai alguén aquí que fale inglés? ("ai ahl-KEHN ah-KEE keh FAH-leh een-GLEHS?")

    · Help!,Axuda! Socorro! Auxilio! ("ah-shoo-DAH!, soh-koh-RROH!, ow-shee-LYOH!")

    · Good morning.,Bo día. ("boh DYAH")

    · Good afternoon.,Boa tarde. ("BOH-ah TAHR-deh")

    · Good evening (when it's dark),Boa noite. ("BOH-ah NOY-teh")

    · Good night.,Boa noite. ("BOH-ah NOY-teh")

    · I don't understand.,Non entendo. ("nohn ehn-TEHN-doh")

    · Where is the toilet?,Onde está o baño? / Onde está o aseo? ("ohn-DEH ehs-TAH oh bah-NYOH? / ohn-DEH ehs-TAH oh ah-seh-OH?")

  • Problems

    · Leave me alone.,Déixame en paz! ("DAY-shah-men ehn pahs!")

    · Don't touch me!,Non me toques! ("nohn meh TOH-kehs!")

    · I'll call the police.,Vou chamar á policía. ("bwoh chah-MAHR ah poh-lee-SEE-ah")

    · Police!,Policía! ("poh-lee-SEE-ah")

    · Stop! Thief!,Para! Ladrón! ("pah-RAH! lah-DROHN!")

    · I need help.,Necesito axuda. ("neh-seh-SEE-toh ah-SHOO-duh")

    · It's an emergency.,É unha emerxencia. ("EH OON-gah eh-mehr-SHEHN-syuh")

    · I'm lost.,Estou perdido. ("EHS-tow pehr-DEE-doh")

    · I lost my bag.,Perdín a miña bolsa. ("pehr-DEEN a MEE-nyah BOHL-sah")

    · I lost my wallet.,Perdín o meu moedeiro. ("pehr-DEEN oh MEH-oo moh-eh-DAY-roh")

    · I'm sick.,Estou enfermo(a). ("EHS-tow ehn-FEHR-muh(ah)")

    · I've been injured.,Estou ferido(a) ("EHS-tow feh-REE-duh(ah)")

    · I need a doctor.,Necesito un médico. ("neh-seh-SEE-toh oon MEH-dee-kuh")

    · Can I use your phone?,Podo usar o seu teléfono? ("POH-doh OO-sahr oh SEH-oh teh-LEH-foh-nuh?")

  • Numbers

    · 1,un/unha ("oon"/"OO-ngah") (Male/Female)

    · 2,dous/dúas ("dows"/"DOO-ahs") (Male/Female)

    · 3,tres ("trehs")

    · 4,catro ("KAH-troh")

    · 5,cinco ("THEEN-koh")

    · 6,seis ("says")

    · 7,sete ("seht")

    · 8,oito ("OY-toh")

    · 9,nove ("NOH-beh")

    · 10,dez ("dehs")

    · 11,once ("OHN-theh")

    · 12,doce ("DOH-theh")

    · 13,trece ("TREH-theh")

    · 14,catorce ("kah-TOHR-theh")

    · 15,quince ("KEEHN-theh")

    · 16,dezaseis ("deh-THAH-says")

    · 17,dezasete ("deh-THAH-seh-teh")

    · 18,dezaoito ("deh-thah-OY-toh")

    · 19,dezanove ("deh-thah-NOH-beh")

    · 20,vinte ("BEEN-teh")

    · 21,vinte e un/unha ("BEEN-teh eh oon/OON-gah")

    · 22,vinte e dous/dúas ("BEEN-teh eh dwohs/DOO-ahs")

    · 23,vintetrés ("been-teh-TREHS")

    · 30,trinta ("TREEN-tah")

    · 31,trinta e un/unha ("TREEN-tah eh oon/OON-gah")

    · 32,trinta e dous/dúas ("TREEN-tah eh dwohs/DOO-ahs")

    · 33,trinta e tres ("TREEN-tah eh trehs")

    · 40,corenta ("koh-REHN-tah")

    · 50,cincuenta ("seen-KWEHN-tah")

    · 60,sesenta ("seh-SEHN-tah")

    · 70,setenta ("seh-TEHN-tah")

    · 80,oitenta ("oy-TEHN-tah")

    · 90,noventa ("noh-BEHN-tah")

    · 100,cen ("sehn")

    · 200,douscentos/duascentas ("dows-THEHN-tohs/dwah-THEHN-tahs")

    · 300,trescentos/trescentas ("treh-THEHN-tohs/treh-THEHN-tahs")

    · 400,catrocentos/catrocentas ("kah-troh-THEHN-tohs/kah-troh-THEHN-tahs")

    · 500,quiñentos/quiñentas//cincocentos/cincocentas ("kee-NYEHN-tohs/kee-NYEHN-tahs // thee-koh-THEHN-tohs/thee-koh-THEHN-tahs")

    · 600,seiscentos ("says-THEHN-tohs")

    · 700,setecentos ("seh-teh-THEHN-tohs")

    · 800,oitocentos ("oy-toh-THEHN-tohs")

    · 900,novecentos ("noh-beh-THEHN-tohs")

    · 1000,mil ("meel")

    · 2000,dous mil/dúas mil ("DOH-oos meel/DOO-ahs meel")

    · 1,000,000,un millón ("oon mee-LYOHN")

    · 1,000,000,000,mil millóns ("meel mee-LYOHNS")

    · 1,000,000,000,000,un billón ("oon bee-LYOHN")

    · number _____ ("train, bus, etc."),número _____ ("NOO-meh-roh")

    · half,medio ("MEH-dyoh")

    · less,menos ("MEH-nohs")

    · more,máis ("MAH-ees")

  • Time

    · now,agora ("ah-GOH-rah")

    · later,despois ("DEHS-poys")

    · before,antes ("AHN-tehs")

    · morning,mañá ("mah-NYAH")

    · afternoon,tarde ("TAHR-deh")

    · evening,noite ("NOY-teh")/serán ("seh-RAHNG")

    · night,noite ("NOY-teh")

  • Clock time

    · the X hour,As X

    · the X hour in the early dawn/morning/midday/afternoon/evening/night,As X da madrugada/mañá/mediodía/tarde/tarde/noite ("ahs X dah mah-droo-GAH-dah/mah-NYAHH/meh-dyoh-DYAH/TAHR-deh/TAHR-deh/NOY-teh")

    · one o'clock AM,a unha da madrugada ("ah OON-gah dah mah-droo-GAH-dah"), literally "the one in the early morning"

    · two o'clock AM,as dúas da madrugada ("ahs DOO-ahs dah mah-droo-GAH-dah")

    · noon,mediodía ("meh-DYOH-dyah") literally "half day"

    · one o'clock PM,a unha da tarde ("ah OON-gah dah TAHR-deh")

    · two o'clock PM,as dúas da tarde("ahs DOO-ahs dah TAHR-deh")

    · midnight,medianoite ("meh-dyah-NOY-teh")

  • Duration

    · _____ minute(s),_____ minuto (minutos) ("mee-NOO-toh (mee-NOO-tohs)")

    · _____ hour(s),_____ hora (horas) ("OH-rah (OH-rahs")

    · _____ day(s),_____ día (días) ("DEE-ah (DEE-ahs")

    · _____ week(s),_____ semana (semanas) ("seh-MAH-nah (seh-MAH-nahs)")

    · _____ month(s),_____ mes (meses) ("mehs (MEH-sehs)")

    · _____ year(s),_____ ano (anos) ("AH-noh (AH-nohs)")

  • Days

    · day,día ("DYAH")

    · this day,neste día ("NEHS-teh DYAH")

    · today,hoxe ("OH-sheh")

    · yesterday,onte ("OHN-teh")

    · tomorrow,mañá ("mah-NYAH")

    · tomorrow night,mañá á noite ("mah-NYAH NOY-teh")

    · tonight,onte á noite ("OHN-teh AH NOY-teh")

    · this night,esta noite ("EHS-tah NOY-teh")

    · week,semana ("seh-MAH-nah")

    · this week,esta semana ("ehs-TAH seh-MAH-nah")

    · last week,a semana pasada ("ah seh-MAH-nah pah-SAH-dah")

    · next week,a vindeira/próxima semana ("ah been-DAY-rah/PROHK-see-mah seh-MAH-nah ")

    · Sunday,Domingo ("doh-MEEN-goh")

    · Monday,Luns ("loons")

    · Tuesday,Martes ("MAHR-tehs")

    · Wednesday,Mércores ("MEHR-koh-rehs")

    · Thursday,Xoves ("SHOH-behs")

    · Friday,Venres ("BEHN-rehs")

    · Saturday,Sábado ("SAH-bah-doh")

  • Months

    · January,Xaneiro ("shah-NAY-roh")

    · February,Febreiro ("feh-BRAY-roh")

    · March,Marzo ("MAHR-soh")

    · April,Abril ("AH-breel")

    · May,Maio ("mah-EE-oh")

    · June,Xuño ("SHOO-nyoh")

    · July,Xullo ("SHOO-lyoh")

    · August,Agosto ("ah-GOHS-toh")

    · September,Setembro ("seh-TEHM-broh")

    · October,Outubro ("ow-TOO-broh")

    · November,Novembro ("noh-BEHM-broh")

    · December,Decembro ("deh-ThEHM-broh")

  • Writing time and date

    · June 13th of 2004: trece (13) de xuño de 2004

  • Colors

    · black,negro ("NEH-groh")

    · white,branco ("BRAHN-koh")

    · gray,gris ("grees")

    · red,vermello ("behr-MEH-lyoh")

    · blue,azul ("AH-sool")

    · yellow,amarelo ("ah-mah-REH-loh")

    · green,verde ("BEHR-deh")

    · orange,laranxa ("lah-RAHN-shah")

    · purple,morado ("moh-RAH-doh")

    · brown,marrón/castaño ("mahr-ROHN/kahs-TAH-nyoh")

    · pink,rosa ("ROH-sah")

  • Transportation

    · car,coche ("KOH-cheh")

    · taxi,taxi ("TAHK-see")

    · bus,autobús ("ow-toh-BOOS")

    · van,furgón ("FOOR-gohn")

    · truck,camión ("kah-MYOHN")

    · trolley,cesta ("SEHS-tah")

    · tram,eléctrico ("eh-LEHK-tree-koh")

    · train,tren ("trehn")

    · subway,metro ("MEH-troh")

    · ship,buque ("BOO-keh")

    · boat,barco ("BAHR-koh")

    · helicopter,helicóptero ("eh-lee-KOHP-teh-roh")

    · airplane,avión ("ah-BYOHN")

    · airline,compañía aérea ("kohm-pah-NYAH ah-EH-reh-ah")

    · bicycle,bicicleta ("bee-thee-KLEH-tah")

    · motorcycle,motocicleta ("moh-toh-thee-KLEH-tah")

    · carriage,transporte ("trahs-POHR-teh")

  • Bus and train

    · How much is a ticket to_____?,Canto custa o billete para_____? ("KAHN-toh KOOS-tah oh bee-LYEH-teh PAH-rah____?")

    · A single ticket to _____, please.,Un billete só de ida para_____, por favor. ("oon bee-LYEH-teh SOH deh EE-dah PAH-rah_____, pohr FAH-bohr")

    · A return ticket to_____, please.,Un billete de ida e volta para____, por favor. ("oon bee-LYEH-teh deh EE-dah eh BOHL-tah PAH-rah_____, pohr FAH-bohr")

    · Where does this train/bus go?,Para onde vai este tren/autobús? ("Pah-rah OHN-deh bai EHS-teh trehn/ow-toh-BOOS?")

    · Where is the train/bus to_____?,Onde está o tren/autobús que vai para_____? ("OHN-deh ehs-TAH oo trehn/ow-toh-BOOS keh bai PAH-rah_____?")

    · Does this train/bus stop in_____?,Este tren/autobús para en_____? ("EHS-teh trehn/ow-toh-BOOS PAH-rah ehn_____?")

    · When does the train/bus for_____ leave?,Cando marcha o tren/autobús que vai para_____? ("KAHN-doh MAHR-chah oh trehn/ow-toh-BOOS keh vai PAH-rah____?")

    · When will this train/bus arrive in_____?,Cando chega este tren/autobús a_____? ("KAHN-doh CHEH-gah EHS-teh trehn/ow-toh-BOOS ah____?")

  • Directions

    · How do I get to _____ ?,Como vou a _____ ? ("KOH-moh BOH-oo ah____?")

    · ...the train station?,...á estación de tren? ("AH ehs-tah-THYOHN deh trehn?")

    · ...the bus station?,...á estación de autobuses? ("AH ehs-tah-THYOHN deh ow-toh-BOO-sehs?")

    · ...the airport?,...ó / ao aeroporto? ("OH / AH-oh ah-eh-ROH-pohr-toh")

    · ...downtown?,...ó / ao centro? ("OH / AH-oh THEHN-troh")

    · ...the youth hostel?,...ó / ao albergue da xuventude? ("OH / AH-oh ahl-BEHR-geh dah zhoo-VEHN-tood")

    · ...the _____ hotel?,...ó / ao hotel _____? ("OH / AH-oh OH-tehl_____?")

    · ...the American/Canadian/Australian/British consulate?,...ó / ao consulado dos Estados Unidos/de Canadá/de Australia/do Reino Unido? ("OH / AH-oh konh-soo-LAH-doh dohs ehs-TAH-dohs oo-NEE-dohs/deh kah-nah-DAH/deh ows-TRAH-lyah/doh RAY-noh oo-NEE-doh?")

    · Where are there a lot of...,Onde hai moitos... ("OHN-deh ai MOY-tohs...")

    ·,...hoteis? ("oh-TAYS?")

    · ...restaurants?,...restaurantes? ("rehs-tow-RAHN-tehs")

    · ...bars?,...bares? ("BAH-rehs")

    · ...sites to see?,...sitios para visitar? ("SEE-tyohs PAH-rah bee-SEE-tahr")

    · Can you show me on the map?,Pódesme sinalar no mapa? ("POH-dehs-meh see-NAH-lahr noh MAH-pah?")

    · street,rúa ("ROO-ah")

    · Turn left.,Vire á esquerda / Xire á esquerda. ("BEE-reh AH ehs-KEHR-dah / SHEE-reh AH ehs-KEHR-dah")

    · Turn right.,Vire á dereita / Xire á dereita. ("BEE-reh AH deh-RAY-tah / SHEE-reh AH deh-RAY-tah")

    · left,esquerda ("ehs-KEHR-dah")

    · right,dereita ("deh-RAY-tah")

    · straight ahead,recto ("REHK-toh")

    · towards the _____,cara a _____ ("KAH-rah ah")

    · past the _____,despois de _____ ("dehs-POYS deh")

    · before the _____,antes de _____ ("ahn-TEHS deh")

    · Watch for the _____.,Vixía o/a/os/as _____. ("vee-ZHYAH oh/ah/ohs/ahs____")

    · intersection,intersección ("een-tehr-sehk-THYOHN")

    · north,norte ("NOHR-teh")

    · south,sur ("soor")

    · east,leste ("LEHS-teh")

    · west,oeste ("oh-EHS-teh")

    · uphill,costa arriba ("KOHS-tah ah-RREE-bah")

    · downhill,costa abaixo ("KOHS-tah ah-BAI-shoh")

  • Taxi

    · Taxi!,Taxi! ("TAHK-see!")

    · Take me to _____, please.,Léveme a _____, por favor. ("LEH-beh-meh ah_____, pohr FAH-bohr")

    · How much does it cost to get to _____?,Canto custa chegar a _____? ("KAHN-toh KOOS-tah CHEH-gahr ah____?")

    · Take me there, please.,Léveme alá, por favor. ("LEH-beh-meh ah-LAH, pohr FAH-bohr")

  • Lodging

    · Do you have any rooms available?,Ten algún cuarto dispoñible? ("tehn ahl-GOON KWAHR-toh dees-POH-nyee-bleh?")

    · How much is a room for one person/two people?,Canto custa un cuarto para unha/dúas persoa/persoas? ("KAHN-toh KOOS-tah oon KWAHR-toh PAH-rah OON-gah/DOO-ahs pehr-SOH-ah/pehr-SOH-ahs?")

    · Does the room come with...?,O cuarto ten...? ("oh KWAHR-toh tehn___?")

    · ...a bathroom?,...baño? ("BAH-nyoh")

    · ...a telephone?,...teléfono? ("teh-LEH-foh-noh?")

    · ...a TV?,...televisión? ("teh-leh-bee-THYOHN?")

    · May I see the room first?,Podo ver o cuarto primeiro? ("POH-doh behr oh KWAHR-toh pree-MAY-roh?")

    · Do you have anything quieter?,Ten algo máis silencioso? ("tehn AHL-goh MAH-ees see-lehn-THYOH-soh?")

    · ...bigger?,...máis grande? ("MAH-ees GRAHN-deh?")

    · ...cleaner?,...máis limpo? ("MAH-ees LEEM-poh?")

    · ...cheaper?,...máis barato? ("MAH-ees bah-RAH-toh?")

    · OK, I'll take it.,De acordo, quedo con ela. ("deh ah-KOHR-doh, KEH-doh kohn EH-lah")

    · I will stay for _____ night(s).,Vou quedar _____ noite(s). ("VOH-oo KEH-dahr_____NOY-teh(s)")

    · Can you suggest another hotel?,Pódeme suxerir outro hotel? ("POH-deh-meh soo-SHEH-reer oh-OO-troh OH-tehl?")

    · Do you have a safe lockers?,Ten caixa de seguridade? ("tehn KAI-shah deh seh-goo-REE-dah-deh?")

    · Is breakfast/supper included?,O almorzo está incluído? ("oh ahl-MOHR-thoh ehs-TAH een-kloo-EE-doh?") / A cea está incluída? ("ah theah ehs-TAH een-kloo-EE-dah?")

    · What time is breakfast/supper?,Cando se almorza/cea? ("KAHN-doh seh ahl-MOHR-thah/THEH-ah")

    · Please clean my room.,Por favor, limpe o meu cuarto. ("pohr FAH-bohr, LEEM-peh oh MEH-oo KWAHR-toh")

    · Can you wake me at _____?,Pódeme espertar ás _____? ("POH-deh-meh ehs-PEHR-tahr AHS___?")

    · I want to check out.,Vou marchar. ("BOH-oo MAHR-chahr")

  • Eating

    · A table for one person/two people, please.,Unha mesa para unha persoa/dúas persoas, por favor. ("OON-gah MEH-sah PAH-rah OON-gah pehr-SOH-ah/DOO-ahs pehr-SOH-ahs, pohr FAH-bohr")

    · Can I look at the menu, please?,Podo ver a carta / o menú, por favor? ("POH-doh behr ah KAHR-tah/oh meh-NOO, pohr FAH-bohr?")

    · Can I look in the kitchen?,Podo ver a cociña? ("POH-doh behr ah koh-THEE-nyah?")

    · Is there a house specialty?,Teñen algunha especialidade da casa? ("TEH-nyehn ahl-GOO-nyah ehs-peh-thyah-LEE-dah-deh dah KAH-sah?")

    · Is there a local specialty?,Teñen algún prato típico do país? ("TEH-nyehn ahl-GOON PRAH-toh TEE-pee-koh doh pah-EES?")

    · I'm a vegetarian.,Son vexetariano. ("sohn veh-sheh-TAH-ryah-noh")

    · I don't eat pork.,Non como porco. ("nohn KOH-moh POHR-koh")

    · I don't eat beef.,Non como carne de vaca. ("nohn KOH-moh KAHR-neh deh BAH-kah")

    · I only eat kosher food.,Só como comida kosher. ("SOH KOH-moh koh-MEE-dah KOH-shehr")

    · Can you make it "lite", please? ("less oil/butter/lard"),Pódemo facer máis lixeiro? ("POH-deh-moh FAH-thehr MAIS lee-SHEI-roh?") ("con menos aceite/manteiga/graxa")

    · fixed-price meal,menú do día ("meh-NOO doh DYAH")

    · à la carte,á carta ("AH KAHR-tah")

    · breakfast,almorzo ("ahl-MOHR-soh")

    · lunch,xantar ("SHAHN-tahr")

    · tea ("meal"),merenda ("meh-REHN-dah")

    · supper,cea ("THEA")

    · I want _____.,Quero _____. ("KEH-roh")

    · I want a dish containing _____.,Quero un prato que teña _____. ("KEH-roh oon PRAH-toh keh TEH-nyah______")

    · chicken,polo ("POH-loh")

    · beef,carne de vaca ("KAHR-neh de BAH-kah")

    · fish,peixe ("PAY-sheh")

    · ham,xamón ("shah-MOHN")

    · sausages,embutidos ("ehm-boo-TEE-dohs")

    · cheese,queixo ("KAY-shoh")

    · eggs,ovos ("OH-bohs")

    · salad,ensalada ("ehn-sah-LAH-dah")

    · (fresh) vegetables,vexetais (frescos) ("beh-SHEH-tais (FREHS-kohs)")

    · (fresh) fruit,froita (fresca) ("FROY-tah (FREHS-kah)")

    · bread,pan ("pahn")

    · toast,torrada/tosta ("tohr-RAH-dah/TOHS-tah")

    · noodles,fideos ("FEE-deh-ohs")

    · rice,arroz ("AH-rrohz")

    · beans,fabas/feixóns ("FAH-bahs/fay-SHOHNS")

    · May I have a glass of _____?,Pódeme traer un vaso de _____? ("POH-deh-meh TRAH-ehr oon BAH-soh deh_____?")

    · May I have a cup of _____?,Pódeme traer unha cunca de _____? ("POH-deh-meh TRAH-ehr OO-nyah KOON-kah deh_____?")

    · May I have a bottle of _____?,Pódeme traer unha botella de _____? ("POH-deh-meh TRAH-ehr OO-nyah boh-TEH-lyah deh_______?")

    · coffee,café ("kah-FEH")

    · tea ("drink"),té ("TEH")

    · juice,zume ("SOO-moh")

    · (bubbly) water,auga con gas ("OW-gah kohn gahs")

    · water,auga ("OW-gah")

    · beer,cervexa ("sehr-BEH-shah")

    · red/white wine,viño tinto/branco ("BEE-nyoh TEEN-toh/BRAHN-koh")

    · May I have some _____?,Pódeme traer un pouco de _____? ("POH-deh-meh TRAH-ehr oon poh-OO-koh deh____?")

    · salt,sal ("SAHL")

    · black pepper,pementa negra ("peh-MEHN-tah NEH-grah")

    · butter,manteiga ("mahn-TAY-gah")

    · Excuse me, waiter? ("getting attention of server"),Desculpe, camareiro? ("dehs-KOOL-peh, cah-mah-RAY-roh?")

    · I'm finished.,Xa rematei. ("shah reh-MAH-tay")

    · It was delicious.,Estivo moi bo. ("ehs-TEE-boh moy boh")

    · Please clear the plates.,Pode levar os pratos. ("POH-deh LEH-vahr ohs PRAH-tohs")

    · The check, please.,A conta, por favor. ("ah KOHN-tah, pohr FAH-bohr")

  • Money

    · Do you accept American/Australian/Canadian dollars?,Aceptan dólares americanos/australianos/canadenses? ("ahk-THEHP-tahn DOH-lah-rehs ah-meh-REE-kah-nohs/ows-trah-LYAH-nohs/kah-nah-DEHN-sehs?")

    · Do you accept British pounds?,Aceptan libras esterlinas? ("ahk-THEHP-tahn LEE-brahs ehs-tehr-LEE-nahs?")

    · Do you accept credit cards?,Aceptan tarxetas de crédito? ("ahk-THEHP-tahn tahr-SHEH-tahs deh KREH-dee-toh?")

    · Can you change money for me?,Pode cambiarme/trocarme cartos/diñeiro? ("POH-deh kahm-BYAHR-meh/troh-KAHR-meh KAHR-tohs/dee-NAY-roh?")

    · Where can I get money changed?,Onde podo cambiar/trocar cartos/diñeiro? ("OHN-deh POH-doh KAHM-byahr/TROH-kahr KAHR-tohs/dee-NAY-roh?")

    · Can you change a traveler's check for me?,Pode cambiarme/trocarme cheques de viaxe? ("POH-deh kahm-BYAHR-meh/troh-KAHR-meh CHEH-kehs deh BYAH-sheh?")

    · Where can I get a traveler's check changed?,Onde podo cambiar/trocar cheques de viaxe? ("OHN-deh POH-doh KAHM-byahr/TROH-kahr CHEH-kehs deh BYAH-sheh?")

    · What is the exchange rate?,Canto é a taxa de cambio? ("KAHN-toh EH ah TAH-shah deh KAHM-byoh?")

    · Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)?,Onde hai un caixeiro automático? ("OHN-deh eye oon kai-SHEI-roh ow-toh-MAH-tee-koh?")

  • Shopping

    · Do you have this in my size?,Ten isto na miña talla? ("tehn EES-toh nah MEE-nyah TAH-lyah?")

    · How much is this?,Canto custa isto? ("KAHN-toh KOOS-tah EES-toh?")

    · That's too expensive.,É demasiado caro. ("EH deh-mah-SYAH-doh KAH-roh")

    · Would you take _____?,Doulle _____ ("DWOH-lyeh") (lit. "I give you ____")

    · expensive,caro ("KAH-roh")

    · cheap,barato ("bah-RAH-toh")

    · I can't afford it.,Non o podo pagar. ("nohn oh POH-doh PAH-gahr")

    · I don't want it.,Non o quero. ("nohn oh KEH-roh")

    · You're cheating me.,Estame enganando. ("ehs-TAH-meh ehn-gah-NAHN-doh")

    · I'm not interested.,Non estou interesado. ("nohn EHS-tow een-teh-reh-SAH-doh")

    · OK, I'll take it.,De acordo, lévoo. ("...")

    · Can I have a bag?,Pódeme dar unha bolsa? ("...")

    · Do you ship (overseas)?,Fan envíos (ó/ao estranxeiro)? ("...")

    · I need...,Necesito... ("...")

    · ...brush.,...un cepillo. ("...")

    · ...comb.,...un peite. ("...")

    · ...toothpaste.,...pasta de dentes. ("...")

    · ...a toothbrush.,...un cepillo de dentes. ("...")

    · ...feminine napkins.,...compresas. ("...")

    · ...tampons.,...tampóns. ("...")

    · ...soap.,...xabón. ("...")

    · ...shampoo.,...xampú. ("...")

    · ...deodorant.,...desodorante. ("...")

    · ...perfume.,...perfume. ("...")

    · ...pain reliever. ("e.g., aspirin or ibuprofen"),...unha aspirina. ("...")

    · ...cold medicine.,...un medicamento para o constipado/arrefriado/catarro. ("...")

    · ...shaving cream.,...crema de afeitar. ("...")

    · ...stomach medicine.,...un medicamento para o estómago ("...")

    · ...a razor.,...unha folla de afeitar/navalla. ("...")

    · umbrella.,...un paraugas. ("...")

    · ...sunblock lotion.,...protector solar. ("...")

    · ...a postcard.,...unha postal. ("OOHN-gah POHS-tahl")

    · ...postage stamps.,...selos. ("SEH-lohs")

    · ...batteries.,...pilas. ("PEE-lahs")

    · ...writing paper.,...papel para escribir. ("PAH-pehl PAH-rah ehs-KREE-beer")

    · ...a pencil.,...un lapis. ("oon LAH-pees")

    · ...a pen.,...un bolígrafo. ("oon boh-LEE-grah-foh")

    · ...English-language books.,.. libros en inglés. ("LEE-brohs ehn een-GLEHS")

    · ...English-language magazines.,...revistas en inglés. ("reh-BEES-tahs ehn een-GLEHS")

    · English-language newspaper.,...un xornal en inglés. ("oon SHOHR-nahl een-GLEHS")

    · English-Galician dictionary.,...un dicionario inglés-galego. ("oon deek-THYOH-nah-ryoh een-GLEHS-gah-LEH-goh")

  • Driving

    · I want to rent a car.,Quero alugar un coche. ("...")

    · Can I get insurance?,Podo facer un seguro? ("...")

    · stop ("on a street sign"),stop ("...")

    · one way,sentido único ("...")

    · yield/Give Way,ceda o paso ("...")

    · no parking,prohibido aparcar/prohibido estacionar ("...")

    · speed limit,límite de velocidade/velocidade máxima ("...")

    · gas ("petrol") station,gasolineira/estación de servizo ("...")

    · petrol,gasolina ("...")

    · diesel,gasóleo/diésel ("...")

  • Authority

    · It's his/her fault!,A culpa é del/dela! ("...")

    · Its not what its seems.,Non é o que parece. ("...")

    · I can explain it all.,Pódollo explicar todo. ("...")

    · I haven't done anything wrong.,Eu non fixen nada. ("...")

    · I swear I didn't do it Mr. Officer.,Xúrolle que non fun eu, axente. ("...")

    · It was a misunderstanding.,Foi un malentendido. ("...")

    · Where are you taking me?,Onde me leva? ("...")

    · Am I under arrest?,Estou detido? ("...")

    · I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen.,Son cidadán estadounidense/australiano/británico/canadense. ("...")

    · I want to talk to the American/Australian/British/Canadian embassy.,Quero falar coa embaixada estadounidense/australiana/británica/canadense. ("...")

    · I want to talk to the American/Australian/British/Canadian consulate.,Quero falar co consulado estadounidense/australiano/británico/canadense. ("...")

    · I want to talk to a lawyer.,Quero falar cun avogado. ("...")

    · Can I just pay a fine now?,Podo pagar unha multa agora mesmo? ("...")