Danish phrasebook

Danish is a Scandinavian language spoken in Denmark and some areas of Greenland. It is closely related to Norwegian and Swedish, and some speakers of the three languages can understand the others. In writing, the difference between the Danish and Norwegian languages are not bigger than the difference between British and American English, though it will often be harder in oral conversations. These Scandinavian languages are North Germanic, strongly influenced by Low Saxon (German).

source : Wikivoyage

Pronounciation Guide and Phrase List

  • Alphabet

    · A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V (W) X Y Z Æ Ø Å

    · a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v (w) x y z æ ø å

    · "Acute accent may be used in some words (eg "fór"), for ease of reading, but it's always optional. C, Q, W, X and Z are only used in loanwords. V and W are treated the same, and W is sometimes left out of the alphabet."

  • Vowels

    · a as in cat

    · e as in sin, but also as æ and murder

    · i as in see, only shorter

    · o as in no, but also as å

    · u as in soon, but also as å

    · y as in few, but also as ø

    · æ as in egg, only shorter

    · ø as mayor, but also as in bird

    · å as in old, but also caught; sometimes written aa

  • Consonants

    · b as in bed, and wick between vowels and at the end of words

    · c as k, but sing before e or i

    · d as in dead, the after vowels, silent after l, n or r and before t or s

    · f as in ferry

    · g as in ­gone, but like y as in yet after a vowel

    · h as in hope, hv = v, hj = j

    · j as in yes

    · k as in kick, and go between vowels and at the end of a syllable

    · l as in lake

    · m as in many

    · n as in near

    · p as in parry, bit between vowels and at the end of a syllable

    · qu like English

    · r is a rolling sound at the back of the throat, silent after vowels and before consonants

    · s as in smell

    · t as in trout and dog between vowels, at the end of a syllable and at the end of a word

    · v as in viking, and hoot at the end of words

  • Basics

    · Hello.,Hallo ("halo").

    · Hello. ("informal"),Hej ("High").

    · How are you?,Hvordan går det? ("Vor-dan gore d")

    · Fine, thank you.,Godt/Fint, tak ("Got,Feent tag").

    · That's enough,Det er nok ("deh air knock")

    · What is your name?,Hvad hedder du? ("Vadh header doo")

    · My name is ______ .,Jeg hedder ______ ("Yay hedhuh").

    · Nice to meet you.,Det var rart at møde dig ("D' vahr rarht add murdhe dah-ee"). Correct but normally people say: "Det var hyggeligt at møde dig".

    · Please.,Vær så venlig ("Ver saw venlee").

    · Thank you.,Tak ("Tahg").

    · You're welcome.,Selv tak ("seloo tahg").

    · Yes.,Ja ("Ya").

    · No.,Nej ("Nay").

    · Excuse me. ("getting attention"),Undskyld mig ("On'skil ma'ee").

    · Excuse me. ("begging pardon"),Undskyld ("On'skil").

    · I'm sorry.,Det må du undskylde ("Dee m'o doo on'skil'eh").

    · Goodbye,Farvel ("favel").

    · Goodbye ("informal"),Hej hej ("High High").

    · I can't speak Danish,Jeg taler ikke [godt dansk ("Ya'ee tailor 'eek'eh got dahnsk").

    · Do you speak English?,Taler du engelsk? ("Tailor doo eng'glsk")

    · Is there someone here who speaks English?,Er der nogen her, der taler engelsk? ("Air dah no'en heer, dah tailor eng'elsk")

    · Help!,Hjælp! ("Yelp")

    · Look out!,Pas på! ("Pass poh")

    · Good morning (before roughly 10-11am).,Godmorgen ("good' morgen").

    · Good morning (after 10-11am, but before noon),Godformiddag ("good'formidhae").

    · Good evening.,Godaften ("good'hafden").

    · Good night.,Godnat ("good'hnad").

    · Good night ("sleep well"),Sov godt ("saw'oo got").

    · I don't understand.,jeg forstår ikke ("Yaye for-store 'ee'eh").

    · Where is the toilet?,Hvor er toilettet? ("War ayer toiledet")

  • Problems

    · Leave me alone.,Lad mig være i fred ("Ladh ma'ee ware i fredh").

    · Don't touch me!,Rør mig ikke! ("Rawr ma'ee 'eek'e")

    · I'll call the police.,Jeg ringer efter politiet ("Ya'ee rang'ehr ef-tuh po'lee'teet").

    · Police!,Politi ("Po'lee'tee")!

    · Stop! Thief!,Stop tyven ("Stop tee'ven")!

    · I need your(sg)/your(pl) help.,Jeg har brug for din/jeres hjælp ("Ya'ee har bro' for deen/Y'ayers yelp").

    · It's an emergency.,Det er et nødstilfælde ("Day air ed need'steel'fell'eh").

    · I'm lost.,Jeg er faret vild ("Ya'ee air far'red veel.").

    · I lost my bag.,Jeg har mistet min taske ("Ya'ee har mis'ted mean task'eh").

    · I lost my wallet.,Jeg har mistet min tegnebog ("Ya'ee har mis'ted meenn tai'neh'b'oh").

    · I'm sick.,Jeg er syg ("Ya'ee air sic-"). ("Sick without the K")

    · I've been injured.,Jeg er kommet til skade ("Ya'ee air comet tel' skadhe").

    · I need a doctor.,Jeg har brug for en læge ("Ya'ee har bro' for en lay'eh").

    · Can I use your phone?,Må jeg låne din telefon? ("Mo' ya'ee lone'eh deen telephon'")

  • Numbers

    · 1,en ("en")/et ("ed")

    · 2,to ("to")

    · 3,tre ("trre")

    · 4,fire ("fear")

    · 5,fem ("fem")

    · 6,seks ("seks")

    · 7,syv ("sur'oo")

    · 8,otte ("ude")

    · 9,ni ("ni")

    · 10,ti ("ti")

    · 11,elleve ("eleve")

    · 12,tolv ("toll")

    · 13,tretten ("tredn")

    · 14,fjorten ("fyordn")

    · 15,femten ("femden")

    · 16,seksten ("seksden")

    · 17,sytten ("surdn")

    · 18,atten ("adn")

    · 19,nitten ("needn")

    · 20,tyve ("turve")

    · 21,enogtyve ("enoyturve")

    · 22,toogtyve ("to'oyturve")

    · 23,treogtyve ("tre'oyturve")

    · 30,tredieve ("tredhieve")

    · 40,fyrre ("furre")

    · 50,halvtreds, femti ("halvtres") ("femdi")

    · 60,tres ("tres")

    · 70,halvfjerds ("hal-fjærs")

    · 80,firs("firs")

    · 90,halvfems ("halfems")

    · 100,ethundrede ("edhunredhe")

    · 150,ethundrede og halvtreds

    · 200,tohundrede ("tohunredhe")

    · 300,trehundrede ("trehunredhe")

    · 1000,tusind ("toosin")

    · 2000,totusinde ("totoosine")

    · 1,000,000,en million, abbr: en mio.

    · 1,000,000,000,en milliard ("en miliar"), abbr: en mia.

    · 1,000,000,000,000,en billion

    · number _____ ("train, bus, etc."),nummer _____ ("numuh ...")

    · half,halv ("hal")

    · less,mindre ("minre")

    · more,mere ("mere")

  • Time

    · now,nu ("noo")

    · later,senere ("senere")

    · before,før ("furr")

    · morning,morgen ("morEN")

    · late morning,formiddag ("formidhai")

    · afternoon,eftermiddag ("eftuhmidhai")

    · evening,aften ("afDEN")

    · night,nat ("nad")

  • Clock time

    · one o'clock AM,klokken 1 ("klogen et")

    · two o'clock AM,klokken 2 ("klogen to")

    · noon,middag ("midhai")

    · one o'clock PM,klokken 13 ("klogen tredn")

    · two o'clock PM,klokken 14 ("klogen fyordn")

    · midnight,midnat ("midhnad")

  • Duration

    · _____ minute(s),_____ minut(ter) ("minood / minooduh")

    · _____ hour(s),_____ time(r) ("teeme / teemuh")

    · _____ day(s),_____ dag(e) ("die / dire")

    · _____ week(s),_____ uge(r) ("oy-yeh")

    · _____ month(s),_____ måned(er) ("muhnedh")

    · _____ year's),_____ år ("uhr")

  • Days

    · today,i dag ("ee dai")

    · yesterday,i går ("ee gur")

    · tomorrow,i morgen ("ee morgen")

    · this week,denne uge ("denne ooye")

    · last week,sidste uge ("siste")

    · next week,næste uge ("neste")

    · Monday,mandag ("manay")

    · Tuesday,tirsdag ("tirsdai")

    · Wednesday,onsdag ("onsdai")

    · Thursday,torsdag ("torsdai")

    · Friday,fredag ("fredhai")

    · Saturday,lørdag ("lure'ai")

    · Sunday,søndag ("surnai")

  • Months

    · January,januar ("janooar")

    · February,februar ("febrooar")

    · March,marts ("mards")

    · April,april ("abril")

    · May,maj ("mai")

    · June,juni ("yoonee")

    · July,juli ("yoolee")

    · August,august ("owyoosd")

    · September,september ("sebtember")

    · October,oktober ("ogtober")

    · November,november ("november")

    · December,december ("december")

  • Writing time and date

    · What's the time?,Hvad er klokken? ("vadh er klogen")

    · What date is it today?,Hvilken dato er det i dag? ("vilken dato uh ded i dai")

    · It's _____ o'clock.,Klokken er _____ . ("klogen er ...")

    · "Please note that when saying what the clock is, one would normally only use one to twelve, unless having to make sure there's no doubt as to whether it's past or before noon, in which case the twenty-four hour system is used."

  • Colors

    · black,sort ("Sword")

    · white,hvid ("Vid")

    · gray,grå ("Gr'oh")

    · red,rød ("Roll")

    · blue,blå ("Blow")

    · yellow,gul ("Gool")

    · green,grøn ("Gron'")

    · orange,orange ("Oran'shay")

    · purple,lilla ("Leela")

    · brown,brun ("Broon")

  • Bus and train

    · How much is a ticket to _____?,Hvad koster en billet til _____? ("Vad' custer een billet teal ...")

    · One ticket to _____, please.,En billet til _____, tak. ("Een billet teal ..., ta'k")

    · Where does this train/bus go?,Hvor kører dette tog/denne bus hen? ("War keerah deh'deh tow hen?/den'neh boos hen?")

    · Where is the train/bus to _____?,Hvor er toget/bussen til _____? ("War air tow'wet/boosen teal ...")

    · Does this train/bus stop in _____?,Stopper toget/bussen i _____? ("Stopper tow'wet/boosn 'ee ...")

    · When does the train/bus for _____ leave?,Hvornår afgår toget/bussen til _____ ? ("Vor'nahr ahf'gore tow'wet/boosn teal ...")

    · When will this train/bus arrive in _____?,Hvornår ankommer toget/bussen til _____? ("vorrnuhr ankomuh toyed/boosn teal ...")

  • Directions

    · Left,Venstre ("Venster")

    · Right,Højre ("Hoy'ehr")

    · Forwards,Fremad ("From'ad")

    · Backwards,Tilbage ("Tealbaeeye")

    · Above/over,Over ("Ouh'a")

    · Under(neath),under ("Oo-nah")

    · Adjacent to _____,Ved siden af _____ ("Vet seed-den ah' ...")

  • Taxi

    · Taxi!,Taxa/taxi! ("ta'ksa/ta'ksee")

    · Take me to _____, please.,Kør mig til _____, tak. ("Koor ma'ee teal ..., ta'k")

    · How much does it cost to get to _____?,Hvad koster det at komme til _____? ("Vad custer deh' add komme teal ...?")

    · Take me there, please.,Kør mig venligst derhen. ("Coo'ehr ma'ee ven'lease't d'air'hen")

  • Lodging

    · Do you have any rooms available?,Har i nogen ledige værelser?

    · How much is a room for one person/two people?,Hvad koster et enkeltværelse/dobbeltværelse?

    · Does the room come with...,Har værelset...,; ...bedsheets? : ...sengetøj?,; ...a bathroom? : ...et badeværelse?,; ...a telephone? : ...en telefon?,; ...a TV? : ...et TV?

    · May I see the room first?,Kan jeg se værelset først?

    · Do you have anything quieter?,Har I et mere "stille" værelse?,; ...bigger? : ...større?,; ...cleaner? : ...renere?,; ...cheaper? : ...billigere?

    · OK, I'll take it.,OK, jeg tager det.

    · I will stay for _____ night(s).,Jeg bliver _____ nat(nætter).

    · Can you suggest another hotel?,Kan du foreslå et andet hotel?

    · Do you have a safe?,Har i "et pengeskab"?,; ...lockers? : ...aflåste skabe?

    · Is breakfast/supper included?,Er det med morgenmad/aftensmad?

    · What time is breakfast/supper?,Hvornår er der morgenmad/aftensmad?

    · Please clean my room.,Gør venligst værelset rent.

    · Can you wake me at _____?,Kan i vække mig klokken _____?

    · I want to check out.,Jeg vil gerne checke ud.

  • Money

    · Do you accept American/Australian/Canadian dollars?,Godtager I amerikanske/australske/canadiske dollars?

    · Do you accept British pounds?,Godtager I britiske pund?

    · Do you accept credit cards?,Godtager I dankort?

    · Can you change money for me?,Kan I veksle penge for mig?

    · Where can I get money changed?,Hvor kan jeg veksle penge?

    · Can you change a traveler's check for me?,Kan jeg indløse en rejsecheck?

    · Where can I get a traveler's check changed?,Hvor kan jeg indløse en rejsecheck?

    · What is the exchange rate?,Hvad er vekselkursen?

    · Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)?,Hvor er der en pengeautomat?

  • Eating

    · A table for one person/two people, please.,Et bord til en/to, tak.

    · Can I look at the menu, please?,Kan jeg se menuen?

    · Can I look in the kitchen?,Kan jeg se køkkenet?

    · Is there a house specialty?,Har I en specialitet?

    · Is there a local specialty?,Har I en lokal specialitet?

    · I'm a vegetarian.,Jeg er vegetar.

    · I don't eat pork.,Jeg spiser ikke svinekød.

    · I don't eat beef.,Jeg spiser ikke oksekød.

    · I only eat kosher food.,Jeg spiser kun kosher mad.

    · Can you make it "lite", please? ("less oil/butter/lard"),Kan I lave det "fedtfattigt"?

    · fixed-price meal,fast pris/Dan Menu

    · à la carte,à la carte

    · breakfast,morgenmad

    · lunch,frokost

    · tea ("meal"),eftermiddagsmad

    · supper,aftensmad

    · I want _____.,Jeg vil gerne have _____.

    · I want a dish containing _____.,Jeg vil gerne have en ret med _____.

    · chicken,kylling

    · beef,oksekød

    · fish,fisk

    · ham,skinke

    · sausage,pølse

    · cheese,ost

    · eggs,æg

    · salad,salat

    · (fresh) vegetables,(friske) grøntsager

    · (fresh) fruit,(frisk) frugt

    · bread,brød

    · toast,ristet brød

    · noodles,nudler

    · rice,ris

    · beans,bønner

    · sprinkles,tivolikrømmel/tivolidrøs

    · May I have a glass of _____?,Kan jeg få et glas _____?

    · May I have a cup of _____?,Kan jeg få en kop _____?

    · May I have a bottle of _____?,Kan jeg få en flaske _____?

    · coffee,kaffe

    · tea ("drink"),te

    · juice,juice/saft

    · (bubbly) water,danskvand

    · water,vand

    · beer,øl

    · red/white wine,rød/hvid vin

    · May I have some _____?,Kan jeg få noget _____?

    · salt,salt

    · black pepper,peber

    · butter,smør

    · Excuse me, waiter? ("getting attention of server"),Undskyld mig?

    · I'm finished.,Jeg er færdig.

    · It was delicious.,Det var lækkert.

    · Please clear the plates.,Tag venligst tallerknerne.

    · The check, please.,Kan jeg få en regning?.

  • Bars

    · Do you serve alcohol?,Udskænker I alkohol?

    · Is there table service?,Serverer I ved bordene?

    · A beer/two beers, please.,En øl/to øl, tak.

    · A glass of red/white wine, please.,Et glas rødvin/hvidvin, tak.

    · A pint, please.,En stor fadøl, tak.

    · A bottle, please.,En flaske, tak.

    · _____ ("hard liquor") and _____ ("mixer"), please.,_____ og _____, tak.

    · whiskey,whiskey

    · vodka,vodka

    · rum,rom

    · water,vand

    · club soda,sodavand

    · tonic water,tonic vand

    · orange juice,appelsinjuice

    · Coke ("soda"),Cola

    · Do you have any bar snacks?,Har I snacks?

    · One more, please.,En til, tak.

    · Another round, please.,En omgang til, tak.

    · When is closing time?,Hvornår lukker I?

  • Shopping

    · Do you have this in my size?,Har I den/det i min størrelse?

    · How much is this?,Hvad koster den?

    · That's too expensive.,Det er for dyrt.

    · Would you take _____?,Tager I _____?

    · expensive,dyr(t)

    · cheap,billig(t)

    · I can't afford it.,Jeg har ikke råd til den/det.

    · I don't want it.,Jeg vil ikke have den/det.

    · You're cheating me.,Du snyder mig.

    · I'm not interested.,Jeg er ikke interesseret.

    · OK, I'll take it.,OK, jeg tager den.

    · Can I have a bag?,Kan jeg få en pose?

    · Do you ship (overseas)?,Sender I (oversøisk)?

    · I need...,Jeg har brug for...,; ...toothpaste. : ...tandpasta.,; ...a toothbrush. : ...en tandbørste.,; ...tampons. : ...tamponer.,; ...sanitary napkins. : ...bind or hygiejnebind or menstruationsbind.,; ...soap. : ...sæbe.,; ...shampoo. : ...shampoo.,; ...pain reliever. ("e.g., aspirin or ibuprofen") : ...(en) hovedpinepille.,; ...cold medicine. : ...medicin mod forkølelse.,; ...stomach medicine. : ...mavemedicin.,; ...a razor. : ...en barberskraber.,; ...an umbrella. : ...en paraply.,; ...sunblock lotion. : ...solcreme.,; ...a postcard. : ...et postkort.,; ...postage stamps. : ...frimærker.,; ...batteries. : ...batterier.,; ...writing paper. : ...brevpapir.,; ...a pen. : ...en kuglepen.,; ...English-language books. : ...Engelsksprogede bøger.,; ...English-language magazines. : ...Engelsksprogede blade.,; ...an English-language newspaper. : ...En engelsksproget avis.,; ...an English-Danish dictionary. : ...en Engelsk-Dansk ordbog.

  • Driving

    · I want to rent a car.,Jeg vil gerne leje en bil.

    · Can I get insurance?,Kan jeg blive forsikret?

    · Stop ("on a street sign"),stop

    · One way,ensrettet

    · Yield,vige

    · No parking,parkering forbudt

    · Speed limit,fartgrænse

    · Gas ("petrol") station,tankstation

    · Petrol,benzin

    · Diesel,diesel

  • Authority

    · I haven't done anything wrong.,Jeg har ikke gjort noget forkert.

    · It was a misunderstanding.,Det var en misforståelse.

    · Where are you taking me?,Hvor tager I mig hen?

    · Am I under arrest?,Er jeg anholdt?

    · I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen.,Jeg er en amerikansk/australsk/britisk/canadisk statsborger.

    · I want to talk to the American/Australian/British/Canadian embassy/consulate.,Jeg vil tale med den/det amerikanske/australske/britiske/canadiske ambassade/konsulat.

    · I want to talk to a lawyer.,Jeg vil tale med en advokat.

    · Can I just pay a fine now?,Kan jeg betale en bøde med det samme? (Rarely, if ever possible.)

    · I want to speak to your superior,Jeg vil tale med din overordnede.