Arabic phrasebook

Arabic is the fourth most widely-spoken language in the world. It is spoken in many popular destinations in North Africa and the Middle East. There are many regional dialects, but a standard Arabic language is maintained due to religious needs and region-wide media.

Arabic is written from right to left. It has its own alphabet, different from the Roman alphabet used for English.

For communication purposes while traveling and using this guide, it is very important to note that Arabic is divided into Standard Arabic (mostly used in print) and Colloquial Arabic. Colloquial Arabic is further subdivided into regional colloquial dialects, the main regions being the Levant, Persian Gulf States, Egypt, and North Africa. These regional colloquial dialects sometimes differ enough to be mutually incomprehensible.

Although Modern Standard Arabic is not the native language of anyone, it is taught and used as the medium of instruction in all schools in Arabic-speaking countries, and is universally recognised as the official form of Arabic. Therefore, while people from different Arabic-speaking regions may not understand each other's dialect, they will generally be able to communicate with each other in Standard Arabic. As such, by learning how to speak Standard Arabic, you can generally communicate with any educated person in Arabic-speaking areas.

The pronunciation guide below uses Modern Standard Arabic and Levantine Colloquial Arabic.

source : Wikivoyage

Pronounciation Guide and Phrase List

  • Basics

    · Hello ("informal"),مرحبا. marhaba

    · Peace be with you. ("formal"),السلام عليكم as-salaamu `alaikum

    · How are you?,كيف حالك؟,:Kayfa Haaluka/Kayfa Haalak? "male singular",:Kayfa Haaluki/Kayfa Haalik? "female singular",:Kayfa Haalukum "plural (depends on the number and gender spoken to)"

    · Please.,من فضلك. min faDluka/faDlak "male" min faDluki/faDlik "female"

    · Thank you much.,شكرا shukran .

    · Yes.,نعم na`am /

    · No.,لا. laa

    · Maybe.,ممكن mumkin.

    · Excuse me.,إسمحلي ismaHli

    · Good morning.,صباح الخير sabaH al-khair

    · Good evening.,مساء الخير masaa' al-khair

    · good,جيد jayyid.

    · very good,جيد جدا jayyid jiddan.

    · Never mind.,ليس مهم mish Muhim.

    · None, nothing, nobody.,ما في Maa fii.

    · Hello. ("informal"),سلام salaam.

    · Fine, thank you.,بخير ,شكرا bi-khair Shukran

    · What is your name?,ما اسمك sho ismak?,:Ma Ismuka/sho Ismak? "to a male",:Ma Ismuki/sho Ismik? "to a female"

    · My name is ______ .,اسمي ana Ismi _______

    · Nice to meet you.,تشرفنا tasharafna "lit". "You honor us"

    · You're welcome.,عفوا `afwan

    · Excuse me. ("getting attention"),لو سمحت lau samaHt

    · Excuse me. ("begging pardon"),انا اسفه / انا اسف,:Ana Aasif (male),:Ana Aasifah (female)

    · I'm sorry.,انا اسفه / انا اسف,:Ana Aasif "male",:Ana Aasifah "female"

    · Goodbye,مع السلامة ma`a as-salaamah

    · Goodbye ("informal"),سلام salaam

    · I can't speak "name of language",لا اتكلم __ جيدا Laa atakallam "name of language" [jayyidan

    · Do you speak English?,Do you speak English? هل تتكلم الانجليزية Hal tatakallam al-ingliziyyah?

    · Is there someone here who speaks English?,هل هنا اي شخص يتكلم الانجليزية؟ Hal hunaa ayy shakhS yatakallam al-ingliziyya?

    · Help!,مساعدة Musaa`adah! OR النجدة an-najda!

    · Look out!,انتبه intabih

    · Good night.,تصبح على الخير tiSbaH `alal-khair,Good night (in response) : وانت من اهل الخير wa anta min ahl al-khair

    · I don't understand.,لا افهم laa afham

    · Where is the toilet?,اين الحمام؟ Ayn al-Hammaam?

  • Problems

    · Leave me alone.,Leave me alone. ("اتركني (M) OR اتركيني (F)")

    · Utrukni (M)- Utrukiini (F)

    · Don't touch me!,Don't touch me! ما تلمسني ("Ma tilmisni") or ("Ma t'arrabsh")

    · I'll call the police.,I'll call the police. سأتصل شرطة ("sa unadi al-police")

    · Police!,Police! (شرطة)

    · Shurta!

    · Stop! Thief!,Stop! Thief! ("Qif! Haraami!")

    · I need your help.,I need your help. (أحتاج مساعدة لو سمحت)

    · Ahtaj musaa`ada lau simaHt

    · It's an emergency.,It's an emergency.For medical emergency: is`aff (إسعاف),for other emergencies:Taware' (طوارئ)

    · I'm lost.,I'm lost. (تايه)

    · Ana taayih (M) taayhah (F)

    · I lost my bag.,I lost my bag. (حقيبتي ضاعت)

    · Haqiibati Daa`at

    · I lost my wallet.,I lost my wallet. (محفظتي ضاعت)

    · maHafaZati Daa`at

    · I'm sick.,I'm sick. ("انا مريض (M) OR انا مريضة (F)")

    · Ana mariiD (m) Or Ana mariiDah (f)

    · I've been injured.,I've been injured. إنني مصاب ("innani Musabun")

    · I need a doctor.,I need a doctor. (احتاج دكتر)

    · AHtaaj duktur.

    · Can I use your phone?,Can I use your phone? (هل ممكن استخدم التلفون؟)

    · Hal momkin astakhdim at-telefon?

  • Numbers

    · 0,صفر Sifr

    · 1,واحد waaHid

    · 2,إثنان ithnaan

    · 3,ثلاثة thalaatha

    · 4,اربعة arba`a

    · 5,خمسة khamsa

    · 6,ستة sitta

    · 7,سبعة sab`a

    · 8,ثمانية thamaaniya

    · 9,تسعة tis`a

    · 10,عشرة `ashara

    · 11,احد عشر aHad `ashar

    · 12,اثنا عشر ithnaa `ashar

    · 13,ثلاثة عشر thalaathata `ashar

    · 14,اربعة عشر arba`ata `ashar

    · 15,خمسة عشر khamsata `ashar

    · 16,ستة عشر sittata `ashar

    · 17,سبعة عشر sab`ata `ashar

    · 18,ثمانية عشر thamaaniyata `ashar

    · 19,تسعة عشر tis'ata `ashar

    · 20,عشرون ishruun

    · 21,واحد وعشرون waaHid wa-`ashruun

    · 22,اثنان وعشرون ithnaan wa-`ashruun

    · 23,ثلاثة وعشرون thalaatha wa-`ashruun

    · 30,ثلاثون thalathuun

    · 40,اربعون arba`uun

    · 50,خمسون khamsuun

    · 60,ستون sittuun

    · 70,سبعون sab`uun

    · 80,ثمانون thamanuun

    · 90,تسعون tis`uun

    · 100,مئة mi'a

    · 200,مئتين mitayn

    · 300,ثلاث مئة thalaath mi'a

    · 1000,الف alf (as in The Thousand and One Nights - الف ليلة وليلة Alf Layla wa Layla)

    · 2000,الفين alfayn

    · 1,000,000,المليون al-milyuun

    · 1,000,000,000,البليون al-bilyuun

    · 1,000,000,000,000,التريليون at-triilyuun

    · number _____ ("train, bus, etc."),رقم / Raqm ("...")

    · half,نصف niSf

    · less,اقل aqal

    · more,اكثر akthar

  • Directions

    · Go,ذهب dhahaba

    · Stop,وقف Waqif

    · Turn left,لف يسار Lif Yassar

    · Turn right,لف يمين Lif Yameen

    · straight ahead,على طول Ala Tool (Egyptian) or illal amaama الى الامام; dughri (Jordan); quduman (general)

    · slowly,Shway Shway

    · Wait or Stay,انتظر (intadhir)

    · Show me.,ارني (areni)

    · here,هنا huna

    · there,هناك hunak

    · before,قبل qabla

    · after,بعد ba'da

    · now,الأن al-aan

    · from,من min

    · to "or" at ("a place"),الى ilah

    · Wait one minute.,إنتظر دقيقه واحده intadhir daqeeqa waaheda.

  • Pronouns

    · I,انا ana

    · you (m),انتَ anta

    · you (f),انتِ anti

    · he,هو huwa

    · she,هي hiya

    · we,نحن naHnu

    · you (two people),انتما antuma

    · you (m/mixed),انتم antum

    · you (f),انتن antunna

    · they (two people),هما huma

    · they (m/mixed),هم hum

    · they (f),هن hunna

  • Asking questions

    · Who?,من man

    · What?,ما/ماذا ma/madha

    · When?,متى mata

    · Where?,اين ayn

    · Why?,لماذا li-madha

    · How much?,بكم biKam

    · How much is this?,بكم هذا biKam Hadha

    · Where are you from?,من اين انت min ayn anta

    · Understand?,Maf Hoom

    · Do you speak English?,هل تتكلم الإنجليزية؟ hal tatakallam al-ingliziya?

    · What is this?,ma haadha?

  • Useful "I"s

    · I want,Oreed أريد

    · I don't want,La Oreed لا أريد

    · I have,لي lii / ladeya لدي / andee عندي

    · I don't have,leis andee ليس عندي

    · I don't understand,Ana ma fehim أنا ما فاهم / ana laa afham أنا لا أفهم / Ana mesh fahem أنا مش فاهم

    · I work at the _____.,Ana bashtaghel fi _____أنا باشتغل في / a'mal fi _____ _____أعمل في

    · I don't speak Arabic,لا اتكلم العربية laa atkallam al-arabiya / Ma bihki arabi ما باحكي عربي / Ma batkalemsh arabi ماباتكلمش عربي

  • Things

    · money,فلوس fuluus

    · coffee,قهوة qahwa pronounced ah-way in Syrian Arabic

    · sugar,سكر sukr

    · salt,ملح milH

    · car,سيارة sayyaara

    · hotel,فندق funduq / اوتيل ooteel

    · water,ماء maa'

    · tea,شاي shay'

    · milk,حليب Haliib

    · work,شغل shughl

    · airplane,طائرة Taa'irah

    · street,شارع shaari`

  • Time

    · now,الآن ("al-'aana")

    · later,بعدين ("ba`adayn")

    · before,قبل ("qabla")

    · morning,صباح ("SabaaH")

    · afternoon,بعد ظهر ("ba'ada Zuhur")

    · evening,مساء ("masaa'")

    · night,ليلة ("laylah")

  • Clock time

    · one o'clock AM,one o'clock AM ("sa'ati waHad")

    · two o'clock AM,two o'clock AM ("sa'ati ithnayn")

    · noon,noon ("ZuHur")

    · one o'clock PM,one o'clock PM ("...")

    · two o'clock PM,two o'clock PM ("...")

    · midnight,midnight ("muntasf al-laylah")

  • Duration

    · _____ minute(s),_____ (دقيقة (دقائق ("daqiiqah (daqaa'iq) ")

    · _____ hour(s),_____ hour(s)("saa")

    · _____ day(s),_____ يوم (أيام ("yom (ayaam)")

    · _____ week(s),_____ week(s) ("usbuu`")

    · _____ month(s),_____ month(s) ("shahr")

    · _____ year(s),_____ سنة (سنوات("sanah (sanooaat)")

  • Days

    · today,البوم ("al-yawm(a)")

    · yesterday,امس ("ams(i)")

    · tomorrow,غداً ("ghadan")

    · this week,الاسبوع ("al-'usbu`")

    · last week,اسبوع الماضي ("usbu`(u) 'l-maaDi")

    · next week,اسبوع القادم ("usbu`(u) 'l-qaadim")

  • Days of the week

    · Sunday,يوم الأحد ("(yawm) al'aHad")

    · Monday,يوم الاثنين ("(yawm) al-ithnayn")

    · Tuesday,يوم الثلاثاء ("(yawm) ath-thulaatha")

    · Wednesday,يوم الأربعاء ("(yawm) al'arbi`a'")

    · Thursday,يوم الخميس ("(yawm) al-khamiis")

    · Friday,يوم الجمعة ("(yawm) al-jum`a...")

    · Saturday,يوم السبت ("(yawm) as-sabt")

  • Months

    · January,كانون الثاني ("Kanoon al thani")

    · February,February (".shbat شباط..")

    · March,March ("...آذار Aathar")

    · April,April ("..Nissan نيسان.")

    · May,May ("...أيار Ayyar")

    · June,حزيران ("Hzayraan")

    · July,تموز ("Tammouz")

    · August,اّب ("Ab")

    · September,ايلول ("Ayloul")

    · October,تشرن الأول ("Tishreen al awwal")

    · November,تشرن الثاني ("Tishreen al thani")

    · December,كانون الأول ("Kanoon al awwal")

  • Writing time and date

    · Even though Arabic is written from Right to Left, numbers in Arabic are written from Left to Right. Dates are written in an Arabic sentence from Left to Right as in English

  • Colors

    · black,اسود ("Aswad")

    · white,ابيض ("Abyadh")

    · gray,رمادي ("Ramaadii")

    · red,احمر ("AHmar")

    · blue,ازرق ("Azraq")

    · yellow,اصفر ("Asfar")

    · green,اخضر ("Akhdhar")

    · orange,برتقالي ("Burtuqaali")

    · purple,ارجوان ("Urjuwaan")

    · brown,بني ("Bony")

  • Bus and train

    · How much is a ticket to _____?,"adash tazkara ila ____?" Bekam Tazkara ila...?

    · One ticket to _____, please.,"Tazkara wahida ila ___ law samaht"

    · Where does this train/bus go?,Hazal qitar/bus biyruh ila wayn?" Ila Ayn Yazhab haza Alkitar/autobis?

    · Where is the train/bus to _____?,"Wein el-qitar/el-bus ila ___?"

    · Does this train/bus stop in _____?,"hal biwa'ef hazal qitar/bus fi__ ?"

    · When does the train/bus for _____ leave?,"emta btatla el-qitar/el-bus ila ___?"

    · When will this train/bus arrive in _____?,'emta byusil hazal qitar/bus fi___?"

  • Directions

    · How do I get to _____ ?,How do I get to _____ ? ("Kayf bawsal la __")

    · ...the train station?,...the train station? ("mahatet il qitar?")

    · ...the bus station?,...the bus station? ("mawqif il bassat?")

    · ...the airport?,...المطار ("al-matar"?)

    · ...downtown?,...downtown? ("West il balad?")

    · ...the youth hostel?,...the youth hostel? ("Bayt El Shabab")

    · ...the _____ hotel?,...the _____ hotel? ("otel?/ Al Fonduk")

    · ...the American/Canadian/Australian/British consulate?,...the American/Canadian/Australian/British consulate? ("sefara Al Amrikia, Canadeia, ostralia, beritania")

    · Where are there a lot of...,Where are there a lot of... ("Wein fi kteer...")

    ·, ("otelat/ Fanadek")

    · ...restaurants?,...restaurants? ("mata'em")

    · ...bars?,...bars? ("bars")

    · ...sites to see?,...sites to see? ("amaken seyaheyeh?")

    · Can you show me on the map?,Can you show me on the map? ("momken tfarjeeni ala al khareeta?")

    · street,شارع ("shar'iah")

    · Turn left.,لف يسار ("lif yasaar")

    · Turn right.,لف يمين ("lif yameen")

    · left,يسار ("yasaar")

    · right,يمين ("yameen")

    · straight ahead,على طول("ala tul")

    · towards the _____,towards the _____ ("bijehet il")

    · past the _____,past the _____ ("baed il")

    · before the _____,before the _____ ("abel il")

    · Watch for the _____.,Watch for the _____. ("intibeh la")

    · intersection,intersection ("taqato")

    · north,شمال ("shamaal")

    · south,جنوب("janoob")

    · east,شرق("sharq")

    · west,غرب("gharb")

    · uphill,uphill ("talaa")

    · downhill,downhill ("nazleh")

  • Taxi

    · Taxi!,Taxi! ("taxi!") Sayyara

    · Take me to _____, please.,Take me to _____, please. ("khodni il..., law Samaht")

    · How much does it cost to get to _____?,How much does it cost to

    · get to _____? ("adeish?/ Bekam Azhab ila...")

    · Take me there, please.,Take me there, please. ("khodni ala __, law samaht")

  • Lodging

    · Do you have any rooms available?,Do you have any rooms available? ("Endkom ghoraf(alternatively- owad) edafeyeh?")

    · How much is a room for one person/two people?,How much is a room for one person/two people? ("Adeish il ghorfeh li shakhs/shakhsein?")

    · Does the room come with...,Does the room come with... ("Il ghorfeh bteeji ma...")

    · ...bedsheets?,...bedsheets? ("sharashef?")

    · ...a bathroom?,...a bathroom? ("hammam?")

    · ...a telephone?,...a telephone? ("tele-phown?")

    · ...a TV?,...a TV? ("televis-yon?")

    · May I see the room first?,May I see the room first? ("Baqdar ashoof il ghorfeh abel?")

    · Do you have anything quieter?,Do you have anything quieter? ("Fi eshi ah-da?.")

    · ...bigger?,...bigger? ("akbar?")

    · ...cleaner?,...cleaner? ("andaf?")

    · ...cheaper?,...cheaper? ("arkhas?")

    · OK, I'll take it.,OK, I'll take it. ("OK, bakhodha")

    · I will stay for _____ night(s).,I will stay for _____ night(s). ("Rah aba'a kaman ___ yom")

    · Can you suggest another hotel?,Can you suggest another hotel? ("")

    · Do you have a safe?,Do you have a safe? ("fi khazneh?")

    · ...lockers?,...lockers? ("...")

    · Is breakfast/supper included?,Is breakfast/supper included? ("")

    · What time is breakfast/supper?,What time is breakfast/supper? ("ay sei-a il ftoor/asha?")

    · Please clean my room.,Please clean my room. ("momken tanadef il ghorfeh")

    · Can you wake me at sds_____? | Can you wake me at _____? ("momken tfaye'ni al __ ")

    · I want to check out.,I want to check out. ("beddi ashoofha")

  • Money

    · Do you accept American/Australian/Canadian dollars?,Do you accept American/Australian/Canadian dollars? ("Hal taqbal bi noqood Amreekeyah/Ostoraleyah/Canadeyah?")

    · Do you accept British pounds?,Do you accept British pounds? ("Hal Taqbal bi Jenehat Biritaneyeh?")

    · Do you accept credit cards?,Do you accept credit cards? ("")

    · Can you change money for me?,Can you change money for me? ("Momken tsarefli masari?")

    · Where can I get money changed?,Where can I get money changed? ("Wein badar asaref masari?")

    · Can you change a traveler's check for me?,Can you change a traveler's check for me? ("...")

    · Where can I get a traveler's check changed?,Where can I get a traveler's check changed? ("...")

    · What is the exchange rate?,What is the exchange rate? ("...")

    · Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)?,Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)? ("Wein fi ATM?")

  • Eating

    · A table for one person/two people, please.,A table for one person/two people, please. ("Tawlah la wahed/tenein")

    · Can I look at the menu, please?,Can I look at the menu, please? ("Momken ashoof il menu?")

    · Can I look in the kitchen?,Can I look in the kitchen? ("Mumken ashuf il matbakh?")

    · Is there a house specialty?,Is there a house specialty? ("...")

    · Is there a local specialty?,Is there a local specialty? ("...")

    · I'm a vegetarian.,I'm a vegetarian. ("Ana nabati")

    · I don't eat pork.,I don't eat pork. ("Ma bakol lahem khanzeer")

    · I don't eat beef.,I don't eat beef. ("Ma bakol lahmeh")

    · I only eat Halal food.,I only eat Halal food. ("Bas bakol akel hallal")

    · Can you make it "lite", please? ("less oil/butter/lard"),Can you make it "lite", please? ("khaleeha khafeefeh")

    · fixed-price meal,fixed-price meal ("...")

    · à la carte,à la carte ("à la carte")

    · breakfast,breakfast ("ftoor") al iftar

    · lunch,lunch ("...") al ghada

    · tea ("meal"),tea ("...") shay'

    · supper,supper ("...") al isha'

    · I want _____.,._____أريد ("ooreed")

    · I want a dish containing _____.,I want a dish containing _____. ("...")

    · chicken,دجاج ("dajaj")

    · beef,بقر ("baqar")

    · fish,سمك ("samak")

    · ham,ham ("khanzeer")

    · sausage,sausage ("...")

    · cheese,جبنة ("jubneh")

    · eggs,بيض ("baid")

    · salad,salad ("...") salata

    · (fresh) vegetables,(fresh) vegetables ("...") (fresh) khudrawat

    · (fresh) fruit,(fresh) fruit ("fawakeh") (fresh) fawakat

    · bread,bread ("...") ayish OR khubz

    · toast,toast ("...")

    · noodles,noodles ("makarona")

    · rice,أرز (" 'roz")

    · beans,beans ("fool") fasoliyya

    · May I have a glass of _____?,May I have a glass of _____? ("Momken Kaset___")

    · May I have a cup of _____?,May I have a cup of _____? ("Momken finjan ___")

    · May I have a bottle of _____?,May I have a bottle of _____? ("...")

    · coffee,coffee ("qahweh") kah'wa

    · tea (drink),شاي (" shay' ")

    · juice,عصير ("Aseer")

    · (bubbly) water,water ("may")

    · water,ماء (" maa' ")

    · beer,بيرة ("beerah")

    · red/white wine,red/white wine ("nabeed ahmar/abyad")

    · May I have some _____?,May I have some _____? ("momken ___?")

    · salt,ملح ("malh")

    · black pepper,فلفل أسود("filfil aswad")

    · butter,زبدة ("zibdeh")

    · Excuse me, waiter? ("getting attention of server"),Excuse me, waiter? ("...")garcoon

    · I'm finished.,I'm finished. ("khalast ") galaste

    · It was delicious.,It was delicious. ("Zaki") Al-akl mazboot!

    · Please clear the plates.,Please clear the plates. ("...")

    · The check, please.,The check, please. ("...")Leh'seb min fadlak

  • Bars

    · Do you serve alcohol?,Do you serve alcohol? ("fi kohool?")

    · Is there table service?,Is there table service? ("...")

    · A beer/two beers, please.,A beer/two beers, please. ("beerah")

    · A glass of red/white wine, please.,A glass of red/white wine, please. ("kaset nbeed")

    · A pint, please.,A pint, please. ("...")

    · A bottle, please.,A bottle, please. ("aneeneh")

    · _____ ("hard liquor") and _____ ("mixer"), please.,_____ and _____, please. ("...")

    · whiskey,whiskey ("...")

    · vodka,vodka ("...")

    · rum,rum ("...")

    · water,ماء (" maa' ")

    · club soda,club soda ("soda")

    · tonic water,tonic water ("...")

    · orange juice,orange juice ("aseer bortoqal")

    · Coke ("soda"),Coke ("cola")

    · Do you have any bar snacks?,Do you have any bar snacks? ("...")

    · One more, please.,One more, please. ("kaman wahed")

    · Another round, please.,Another round, please. ("kaman wahed")

    · When is closing time?,When is closing time? ("emta bitsakro?")

  • Shopping

    · Do you have this in my size?,Do you have this in my size? ("Fi maqas?")

    · How much is this?,بكم هذا؟ ("bikam hatha")

    · That's too expensive.,That's too expensive. ("...") "ghali katheer!"

    · Would you take _____?,Would you take _____? ("...")

    · expensive,غالي ("ghali")

    · cheap,رخيص("rakhees")

    · I can't afford it.,I can't afford it. ("...")

    · I don't want it.,I don't want it. ("ma beddi")

    · You're cheating me.,You're cheating me. ("harami")

    · I'm not interested.,I'm not interested. (lust muhtam)

    · OK, I'll take it.,OK, I'll take it. ("ok")

    · Can I have a bag?,Can I have a bag? ("oreedo kees")

    · Do you ship (overseas)?,Do you ship (overseas)? ("...")

    · I need...,I need... ("...") Ahtaj

    · ...toothpaste.,...toothpaste. ("ma'ajoon asnan")

    · ...a toothbrush.,...a toothbrush. ("forshaat asnan")

    · ...tampons.,...tampons. ("always")

    · ...soap.,...soap. ("saboon")

    · ...shampoo.,...shampoo. ("shamboo")

    · ...pain reliever. ("e.g., aspirin or ibuprofen"),...pain reliever. ("mussakin")

    · ...cold medicine.,...cold medicine. ("dawa rash-h")

    · ...stomach medicine.,...stomach medicine. ("dawa baten")

    · ...a razor.,...a razor. ("shafra")

    · umbrella., umbrella. ("shamseyeh")

    · ...sunblock lotion.,...sunblock lotion. ("...")

    · ...a postcard.,...بطاقة بريدية ("bitaqa bareedia")

    · ...postage stamps.,...postage stamps. ("tawabe' bareed")

    · ...batteries.,...batteries. ("batareyat")

    · ...writing paper.,...ورق للكتبة ("waraq lil-kitaba")

    · ...a pen.,...قلم ("qalam")

    · ...English-language books.,...كتب إنجليزية ("kutub ingliziya")

    · ...English-language magazines.,... مجلات انكليزية English-language magazines. ("majalat engiliziya")

    · English-language newspaper.,...جرائد إنجليزية("jara'id ingliziya")

    · English-English dictionary., English-English dictionary. ("qamoos ingilizi-ingilizi")

  • Driving

    · I want to rent a car.,I want to rent a car. ("beddi astajer sayarah")

    · Can I get insurance?,Can I get insurance? ("fi tameen?")

    · stop ("on a street sign"),stop ("qif")

    · one way,one way ("tho itjah wahed")

    · yield,yield ("atti alaolwyeh")

    · no parking,no parking ("mamnoo alistifaf")

    · speed limit,speed limit ("alsuraa alkanooniya")

    · gas ("petrol") station,gas station ("mahatet banzeen")

    · petrol,petrol ("betrol")

    · diesel,diesel ("diesel")

  • Authority

    · I haven't done anything wrong.,I haven't done anything wrong. ("Ma emelet eshi ghalat")

    · It was a misunderstanding.,It was a misunderstanding. ("kan so' tafahom ")

    · Where are you taking me?,Where are you taking me? ("wein akhedni?")

    · Am I under arrest?,Am I under arrest? ("ana motaqaleh?")

    · I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen.,I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen. ("Ana American/...")

    · I want to talk to the American/Australian/British/Canadian embassy/consulate.,I need to talk to the American/Australian/British/Canadian embassy/consulate. ("...")

    · I want to talk to a lawyer.,I want to talk to a lawyer. ("beddi ahki ma mohami")

    · Can I just pay a fine now?,Can I just pay a fine now? ("ba2dar adfa?")