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  • Museum Of Broken Relationships

    The Museum of Broken Relationships is a museum in Zagreb, Croatia, dedicated to failed love relationships. Its exhibits include personal objects left over from former lovers, accompanied by brief des

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  • Centar Kaptol

    Dobro došli na službenu Facebook stranicu Centra Kaptol – trgovačkog centra s najluksuznijom ponudom u Hrvatskoj.

    Shopping Mall

  • Croatian National Theatre

    The Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, commonly referred to as HNK Zagreb, is a theatre, opera and ballet house located in Zagreb, owned and operated by the Ministry of Culture. The theatre evolved

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  • Kino Europa

    Kino EUROPA | Kino-Café-Galerija Kino Europa kultno je zagrebačko kino. Sagradila ga je 1924./25. godine bogata zagrebačka obitelj Müller prema nacrtu arhitekta Srećka Florshü

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  • Mimara Museum

    The Mimara Museum is an art museum in the city of Zagreb, Croatia. It is situated at the Roosevelt Square, housing the collection by Wiltrud and Ante Topić Mimara. Its full official name is the "Art

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  • Zagreb Zoo

    Zagreb Zoo is a zoo located within Maksimir Park in Zagreb, Croatia and is literally across the street from Zagreb's Stadion Maksimir, where major football matches are played and rock concerts take p

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  • Museum Of Contemporary Art, Zagreb

    The Museum of Contemporary Art (often abbreviated to MSU) is a contemporary art museum located on Dubrovnik Avenue in Zagreb, Croatia. It is the biggest and most modern museum in the country. The muse


  • Maksimir Park

    Maksimir Park is Zagreb's oldest public park. It forms part of the city's cultural heritage and is a habitat for many different plant and animal species.

    Park, Zoo

  • St. Mark's Church

    Church of St. Mark is the parish church of old Zagreb located in St. Mark's Square. The Romanesque window found in its south facade is the best evidence that the church must have been built as early

    Religious Site

  • Lauba

    Lauba is a private-owned contemporary art gallery in the Črnomerec district of Zagreb, Croatia. It houses exhibits from the Filip Trade Collection, a large private collection of works by modern and po


  • Mirogoj Cemetery

    The Mirogoj Cemetery is a cemetery park that is considered to be among the more noteworthy landmarks in the City of Zagreb. The cemetery inters members of all religious groups: Catholic, Orthodox, Mu


  • Dolac Market

    Dolac is a farmers' market located in Gornji Grad - Medveščak city district of Zagreb, Croatia. Dolac is the most visited and the best known farmer's market in Zagreb, well known for its combination


  • Dom Sportova

    Dom Sportova is an indoor sporting arena, located in Zagreb, Croatia. The venue was built in 1972, on Trešnjevka, in the western part of the city. It has 32,000 m² of floorspace, and it features six h

    Sports, Stadium, Venue

  • Zagreb Fair Convention Center
  • Tehnicki Muzej
  • Segway City Tour
  • Booksa


  • Rush Bar
  • Zagreb Inside
  • Blue Bike Cycling Tours

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