Suzhou Things To Do (303 results)

  • Humble Administrator's Garden

    The Humble Administrator's Garden is a renowned Chinese garden in Suzhou. The garden is located at n°178 Dongbei Street (东北街178号). At 51,950 m2, it is the largest garden in Suzhou and is considered b

    Landmark, Park, Garden, National Park, Historical Place

  • Suzhou Museum

    History Museum, Art Museum, Museum

  • Hanshan Temple

    Hanshan Temple (is a Buddhist temple and monastery in Suzhou, China. It is located at the town of Fengqiao (lit. Maple Bridge), about 5 kilometres west of the old city of Suzhou. Traditionally, Hansha

    Landmark, Temple, Religious Site

  • Tiger Hill, Suzhou

    Tiger Hill is a hill in Suzhou, in China. It is a popular tourist destination and is known for its natural beauty as well as historical sites. The hill is so named because it is said to look like a c

    Landmark, Sight, Park

  • Suzhou Silk Museum

    Local Business, Museum

  • Yiyuan Garden

    The Yiyuan Garden is a classical Chinese garden located in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, China.

    Building, Park

  • Shihu Lake

    Shihu Lake (literally Stone Lake) is a fresh water lake located in southeast of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. It is closed to Shangfang Mountain (上方山), which is a national forest park of China, and it is


  • Jinji Lake

    Jinji Lake (literally Golden Rooster Lake) is a small fresh water lake located in the central part of Suzhou Industrial Park. It occupies an area of 7.18 square kilometers and its average depth is abo

    Lake, Water Body

  • Xuanmiao Temple

    Xuanmiao Temple (Chinese: 玄妙观; Pinyin: Xuánmiào Guàn, "Mysterious Sublimity Temple" or "Mysterious Essence Temple") is a prominent Taoist temple with a long history, located at the center of old Suzho

    Monastery, Religious Site

  • Dushu Lake

    Dushu Lake is a fresh water lake located in southern part of Suzhou Industrial Park, with an area of about 11.52 square kilometers. Since 2000s, Suzhou Dushu Lake Higher Education Town was gradually

    Lake, Water Body

  • Beisita

    Religious Site

  • New Silk Road Handicrat Co. Ltd.
  • Gupanmen
  • Water Fountain


  • Ligong Dam


  • The Classical Gardens
  • Qing Mu Foot Massage
  • Suzhou Science And Cultural Arts Center
  • Suzhou Xindongfang Tour Company Japan Site
  • Suzhou Market Street

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