Shenzhen Hotels (318 Hotels)


    Spotted in Shenzhen, KAI LONG INTERNATIONAL HOTEL is conveniently positioned nearby Advocate general merchandise Mall(long hua), FuLian ShangYe Jie (ShangWu DaSha DongNan) and ZhongHuan ShangYeJie. Ma

    $ 132 - $ 157


    Located within Shenzhen, CARRIDEN HOTEL BEIZHAN is opportunely placed in close proximity to Shenzhen Art Exhibition Center, HongXiang ShangYe ShuiJie and Taoyuan County foreign trade clothing Market.

    $ 83 - $ 92

  • Ming Tien Inn Baoan

    The three star accommodation , Ming Tien Inn Baoan is pleasantly found near XiXiang ShangYe BuXingJie, YanTian ChengYi Jie and JinGangCheng ShangYeJie . Other neighboring points of interest while you

    $ 27 - $ 34

  • Mei Yi Hotel

    Be just moments away from Smart boutique living specialist Store, Advocate general merchandise Mall(jintian road) and LianCheng XinTianDi when you reside at Mei Yi Hotel in Shenzhen. FuQuan ShangYeJie

  • Prince Inn Shenzhen

    Having Rainbow Shopping Center (ITC), Diwang Mansion and Jin Guanghua Plaza comfortably found close to the two and half star hotel, Prince Inn Shenzhen; this hotel is appropriately positioned in the c

    $ 35 - $ 39

  • Difu Business Hotel

    Seen in Shenzhen, Difu Business Hotel is conveniently situated near Star Plaza Shopping Center, Saige Tourism and ShenZhenShi GongYe ZhanLanGuan. Various other crowd-pleasing attractions nearby includ

    $ 38 - $ 42

  • Guang Shen International Hotel

    Including Shui Xiang Spa, Carrianna Shopping Plaza and Jin Guanghua Plaza conveniently found near the three star hotel, Guang Shen International Hotel; this hotel is wonderfully positioned in the city

    $ 32 - $ 33


    Be merely minutes apart from Farmer Painting Museum, Chinese Hero Calligraphy Park and Sentosa International SPA Club when you visit HORATON HOTEL in Shenzhen. Luohu Cultural Park and Zhang Gong Ances

    $ 73 - $ 86


    Found in Shenzhen, BAN SHAN INTERNATIONAL HOTEL is conveniently positioned in close proximity to BaDaBang MeiShiJie, Dafen Oil Painting Village and JiaZhaoYe Dong DaJie ShangYe GuangChang. Additional

    $ 104 - $ 122


    Be only moments away from Rainbow Shopping Mall (Tokoyo), Jin Ya stationery toy wholesale Market and XiangNan DongCun ShangYeJie when you visit FUBANG INTERNATIONAL HOTEL in Shenzhen. Advocate general

    $ 74 - $ 147

  • Parkview Hotel

    Located in Shenzhen, Parkview Hotel is comfortably found nearby Huaxing Temple and Mt. Yuanshan Scenic Resort. Additional leading tourist attractions close-by include OCT East Shenzhen and HaiW

    $ 57 - $ 109

  • Mahayana OCT Boutique Hotel Shenzhen

    Be merely moments apart from Huaxing Temple, OCT East Shenzhen and HaiWei Jie when you remain at Mahayana OCT Boutique Hotel Shenzhen in Shenzhen. Mt. Yuanshan Scenic Resort and Dameisha International

    $ 166 - $ 261

  • HK 99Inns (Nan yuan chun)

    With Seibu Mall(CITIC Plaza), Maoye Mall (deep South) and CITIC City Plaza properly placed close to the three star hotel, HK 99Inns (Nan yuan chun); this hotel is perfectly positioned in the city of S

    $ 27 - $ 30

  • Asta Hotel Shenzhen

    Including Advocate general merchandise Mall(jintian road), Huanggang Park and Smart boutique living specialist Store properly found near the three and half star hotel, Asta Hotel Shenzhen; this hotel

    $ 85 - $ 203

  • Xiangmei Hotel Linyuan Branch

    Seen in Shenzhen, Xiangmei Hotel Linyuan Branch is opportunely found alongside St.Anthony's Catholic Church of Shenzhen, Szitic Plaza and Good Fuk Supercenters Plaza. Other crowd-pleasing tourist attr

    $ 29 - $ 33

  • Grand Hyatt Shenzhen

    Grand Hyatt Shenzhen is among the best, premium places to remain in Shenzhen. Beautifully found in close proximity to Kingkey 100, Shenzhen Grand Theatre and CR Vientiane City Plaza, Grand Hyatt Shenz

    $ 257 - $ 863

  • Taizi Hotel

    Having Shekou, Sea World and Mc Cawley readily placed close to the three star hotel, Taizi Hotel; this hotel is impeccably located in the city of Shenzhen. Various sought after points of interest in t

    $ 50 - $ 51

  • U Hotel

    With Merchants Garden City Center, Yi Xiao original hand-painted ink clothing Market and Letters and spring department Store conveniently found in the vicinity of the three and half star hotel, U Hote

    $ 62 - $ 74


    Seen within Shenzhen, HOME WAY BUSINESS HOTEL is comfortably placed around QiHang BuXingJie, ShaSan ShangYe BuXingJie and Yu Ke long Shopping Mall. Some other crowd-pleasing points of interest nearby

    $ 68 - $ 105

  • Magnolia Hotel

    Including LongGang WuJin JiaoDian ShangYeJie, Longgang Dragon Park and QiShi JingPin WenHua Jie properly placed close to the three and half star hotel, Magnolia Hotel; this hotel is wonderfully positi

    $ 33 - $ 34

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