Private jets are considered the pinnacle of luxury, but for most of us private jets are out of the question due to the exorbitant price. One seat on BlackJet will set you back $3,500, while reserving the whole plane costs $20,000 meaning that unless you are incredibly rich, you aren’t getting on the plane. Until now.

Nowadays, there are many affordable ways to charter a private plane to go from one place to another without emptying your wallet.  Here are some of the best options out on the market today:


Jet Suite Embraer Emb Phenom Js Lax
Aero Icarus

JetSuite offers planes going across the United States with prices ranging from $500 to $1500 for one leg on either a four-seat or a six-seat jet. And that price is for the whole jet! Grab a few friends, and that price comes as low as $125 per person for a private jet, for one way! JetSuite works by offering unique “SuiteDeals” which posts empty legs of the private jets it offers that anyone can book through their website, Facebook, or Twitter. If there’s a match with your desired SuiteDeal, then you’ll proceed to the booking page to book your own private jet! JetSuite also offers free wi-fi and a guaranteed price quote!

Surf Air

Surf Air is primarily operating in California, with expansion bases coming soon, and it offers a different pricing model. Surf Air offers all-you-can-fly flights for $1,650 per month, with a one-time initiation fee of $500. You can book flights online, but one drawback with Surf Air is that you don’t get to choose the schedule. One gets unlimited guest passes if you book 2 weeks in advance, and you also get to bring 35 pounds of luggage and tons of snacks are board!

Linear Air

Unlike its western counterparts, Linear Air primarily operates in the East Coast with hubs in Boston, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Dallas, and Gainseville. A one way trip will set you back about $850, though prices are greater for longer distances. Linear Air has a “Price your Flight” tool that can be used to select all pertinent information such as departure location, arrival location, how many passengers, duration of stay, and then Linear Air offers you a personalized itinerary guide for your trip. One benefit of Linear Air is that you can reserve your quote and book up to one week later!


Arrow is another company that only flies on the West Coast, from Seattle to Bay Area airports. There is a $200 per month membership fee and after that it costs $500 one way from Seattle to San Jose (or vice-versa). There is a schedule, which members can choose their rides from and booking is primarily done online. While Arrow only flies in limited locations, they are set to expand to other major hubs. Arrow offers free wi-fi for its patrons and it offers free Anheuser Busch products.