Everyone’s faced this problem before: Online, the price of hotel is ridiculously cheap, and it sounds amazing to get a room at a 5-star hotel for just $99 per night. But that’s before the hidden fees attached for parking, breakfast, Internet access, gym access, and more. After factoring in the price of each of these, even you’re confused if this is still a good deal or if you’re just getting ripped off.

That’s where we come in. With our unique algorithm, Zoohara analyzes all aspects of a hotel and checks if the sticker price is as good as they say. We read the fine print and factor in all the hidden fees to find you the best deal possible and save you hours of time.

We’ve scoured the Internet to get you the best deals possible and with Valentine’s Day falling on President’s Day weekend, this year is the perfect time to take the long-awaited getaway into the city of Boston! With our partners at Groupon we’ve managed to find the best deals for both a romantic weekend getaway in Boston for 2 and for a family trip with the kids getting a 3-day weekend for President’s Day!

Boston is an amazing city to go for a getaway, with family-friendly options such as the Museum of Science and the aquarium as well as numerous romantic dinner options for Valentine’s Day.

Omni Parker Hotel - 4 Star Hotel in Boston

Omni Parker House

For President’s Day Weekend in Boston, here is a great offer for a quick weekend getaway - Omni Parker Hotel, a 4-star hotel and icon of Boston, for just $250 per night! This is almost 25% off the Omni Parker’s own website price of $327 per night.

Listed below is our price comparison for the Omni Parker Hotel as well as links for the hotel, and restaurant deals. Boston is an amazing place to visit, and what better time to visit than for Valentine’s or President’s Day!

In addition, Groupon is offering a deal at Pellino’s Ristorante in Boston’s famed North End for either a romantic dinner for 2 or a family dinner for 4!

Finally, Groupon is also offering a deal at The Talk for 2 or more people, and both of these restaurant deals are 40% off, or more, from the normal price!

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