Some of the best amusement parks featuring the most heart-stopping rides in the country can be found in the Bay Area of California so let’s take a look at a few of them.

California’s Great America


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    Located in Santa Clara, right beside Levi’s Stadium, California’s Great America is an amazing place to go for a fun time with family or friends. The park contains 55 rides in total, with 8 roller coasters and it is the only amusement park in the northern part of California with a waterpark within the park itself! Great America contains three extreme roller coasters, which are The Demon, Flight Deck and Vortex. The Demon is a particularly intense roller coaster, which lasts for nearly two minutes and has a max speed of FIFTY miles per hour as you go through four corkscrew-like inversions. In addition to those intense rollercoasters, Great America also has thrill rides such as Drop Tower and FireFall which are intense, but loads of fun. As mentioned, Great America has a water park inside including the ride Whitewater Falls, a family-friendly ride, in which visitors ride on a flat-bottomed boat across the ramp. Finally, Great America also features Boomerang Bay, the water park within Great America that features tons more water rides for the whole family! Be sure to check out this great attraction to have fun for the whole family!

    Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

    Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
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      Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo is an animal theme park, which features numerous rides and attractions for everyone. Containing eight roller coasters and thirty-eight rides in total, Discovery Kingdom will have something for everyone. Some of the best roller coasters in Discovery Kingdom are Medusa, with a vertical loop of 128 feet tall and a top speed of 65 miles per hour, Superman: Ultimate Flight, an amazing roller coaster with a max speed of 62 miles per hour, a ninety-degree angle and one inversion during the ride, and V2: Vertical Velocity, the fastest roller coaster in Northern California as it reaches speeds of 70 miles per hour! In addition to its roller-coaster, Discovery Kingdom features thrill rides such as SkyScreamer in which you climb up 15 stories and you swing at nearly 43 miles per hour while elevated at nearly 150 feet high. Being an animal theme park, Discovery Kingdom also features attractions such as the Alligator Isle, Stingray Bay, Penguin Passage and many more in which visitors can check out numerous types of animals! With animal attractions and thrill rides, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has something for everyone!

      Gilroy Gardens

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        While not as prominent as Great America or Discovery Kingdom, Gilroy Gardens is also an amazing place to take the family! The most famous attraction at Gilroy Gardens has to be the Circus Trees created by Axel Erlandson. In addition to this, Gilroy Gardens features 21 rides and 2 roller coasters, but it is amazing for the family due to its numerous children’s rides. Take a swing on the Mushroom swing or race around at Gilroy Gardens’ Paddle Boats and then at the end of the day cool off at Bonfante’s Splash Garden! With smaller rides for children and inexpensive pricing, Gilroy Gardens is the perfect place for the family!

        Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

        Santa Cruz Boardwalk

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          Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is the oldest surviving amusement park in California and is one of the only seaside parks on the West Coast. Featuring 35 rides and 3 roller-coasters, in addition to its beautiful boardwalk, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is fun for everyone! Inside the Boardwalk is a large building known as Neptune’s Kingdom which has an arcade and a indoor mini-golf facility. Furthermore, visitors can play laser tag at the Casino Fun center and also take a look at the exquisite Cocoanut Grove conference center. But back to the roller-coasters, the Boardwalk features the iconic Giant Dipper, a wooden roller coaster that goes up to a height of 70 feet before dropping riders at a speed of 55 miles per hour. In addition to all of these, carnival games and snack booths can be found amongst the entirety of the Boardwalk, meaning there is great fun to be had for everyone!

          While San Francisco may be known as the technology capital of the United States, there is also tons of fun things to do around the Bay Area especially at these four amusement parks!