Bangalore, now Bengaluru, is the capital of Karnataka. It is known as the ‘Garden city’ and the ‘Silicon valley’ of India. However, Bangalore has so much more to offer that its lush greenery and booming IT sector. Bangalore is a multicultural, modern metropolitan, full of life and vibrant culture. It is blessed with one of the best climates in the world, allowing its fellow Bangaloreans to have a wide variety of recreational activities; both indoor and outdoor to partake in. On a typical weekend, the city thrives. Bangaloreans love to step out for some fun. The city has an ever growing range of pubs, microbreweries, clubs and restaurants coming up; making the best of the new nightlife deadline(1am). Here is a travel guide on what Bangaloreans do to have a great time.

Drinking Culture

Sky Bar At Ub City Bangalore
Ming-yen Hsu

Bangalore has a big drinking culture. Pubs and bars are jam packed with people enjoying a drink after work, or simply letting loose on a night out. Many new microbreweries have come about to cater to this big market, and its always a struggle to get a table at one of them on a Friday and Saturday night. Some of the best Microbreweries that one must visit whilst in Bangalore are ‘The Arbor Brewery Company’, ‘Toit’ and ‘Biere Club’ to name a few. Sunday brunches are also on every Bangalorians to-do list. Many restaurants and bars offer exclusive deals every Sunday with unlimited food and alcohol for a group of friends to indulge in. However, the party does not stop there. Bangaloreans then move to restaurants and bars having Sundowner deals to carry on the merriment and have the best ending to a long week.

Eateries and Restaurants

Trendy Italian Restaurant In Indira Nagar Bangalore
Melanie M

There are new restaurants coming up everyday, catering the best of all cuisines. We get everything from South-India, to Chinese, Thai, Mexican and Italian. Bangaloreans are big foodies and it’s a task in itself to keep up with all the new eateries opening up in the city. These restaurants are always bustling and the food keeps coming. Bangalore has also restored some of its classic ‘old Bangalore’ restaurants such as ‘Koshy’s’, ‘Nagarjuna’ (for Andhra food) and ‘Corner house’ (for the most delicious desserts). Thereby, Bangalore has become a heaven for food lovers.


Myriad Shops
Soham Banerjee

If you’re a shopaholic, Bangalore has a huge number of malls to browse with the best shops from around the world like ‘Zara’ and ‘Michael Kors’ featuring their collections. However, for a more ‘Indian’ shopping experience, one should take a stroll down MG Road and Commercial Street;’ (Bangalore’s very own versions of Oxford Circus), with cheap junk jewelry, clothing, footwear and food, all for grabs. After an exhausting shopping spree in Commercial Street, a pit stop at one of Bangalore’s oldest sweetshops; ‘Bhagatram’s’, is a necessity. Devouring a delicious ladoo or gajar ka halva (Carrot halva) is a must. Another options is to stop at ‘Anand Sweets’ to replenish oneself with some mouth watering chaat and have a cool lassi to re-hydrate.

Music and Live Bands

Prodigy Eristoff Invasion Festival Bangalore
Prateek Bahadur

Another up and coming trend in Bangalore is that is has become a new oasis for music lovers. Many artists from all around the world, playing every genre of music come to Bangalore to performer. The crowd is full of energy, passion, love and fun. It’s a true experience. A lot of local and foreign bands also come to play for a smaller crowd at lounge bars and artsy cafes like the ‘Hummingtree’, leaving a lot of room for option. Apart from the fun-centric, music-loving, foodie side, Bangaloreans also know how to relax and indulge in something more low-key, fitness-related and educational.

Nature and Outdoor Activities

Vidhana Soudha
Börkur Sigurbjörnsson

Bangalore has a few lovely parks and gardens like the ‘Cubbon park’ and ‘Lal Bagh’. Cubbon Park is a very popular spot for morning and evening walkers. You also see the cutest dogs in the city accompanying their owners, having a rollicking time socializing and playing ball. It truly is an oasis of serenity in the hustling and bustling city, with birds chirping and flowers in full bloom. Furthermore, on the outskirts of the park lie two of Bangalore’s historic monuments, the ‘Vidana Soudha’ and the ‘Karnatak High court’. These buildings are beautiful. Lalbagh is another attraction for nature lovers. It has the most breathtaking display of flowers in the whole city and an iconic glass house to sit in and reflect on life, while you take in everything the beautiful surroundings has to offer. ‘Nandi Hills’ is another popular attraction for a picnic on a Sunday with friends. You can see the whole city from the top and it truly can be a day well spent.   If you are more of an animal lover, one can visit ‘Bhannerghatta National park’ on the outskirts of the city to go on safari’s to see some big cats. One can even go to the ‘Bangalore Turf club’ to place a friendly bet and watch a few races.  

Theatre and Arts

Chitrakala Parishat
Hari Prasad Nadig

For those of you who are into theater, Bangalore has a few plays and live performances that are quite enjoyable in places like the ‘Alliance Francais’ and ‘Chowdiah Memorial Hall’. These acts have a great response and are good fun to watch. Taking a walk though galleries like the ‘Chitrakala Parishad’ is also a good way to see new exhibitions that showcase marvelous arts and crafts for sale.

Amusement Parks

Saad Faruque

‘Wonderla’ is Bangalore’s newest and biggest amusement park. It is on the outskirts of the city, spanning 82 acres of amusement for kids and adults. It’s a full day of adventure. It has a wide variety of both land and water rides, restaurants, laser fountains, heated pools, conference rooms and more. It is a must see attraction for a big/ medium sized group who are looking for some fun. If one wants to go to a smaller amusements park in the center of the city, ‘Fun World’ is the place to be. It doesn’t have a water park but it has a variety of land rides for amusement. ‘Snow City’ is also located right beside Fun World where one can go to scale the artificial snow filled slopes and have snowball fights.

Bangalore also has a lot of places for go-carting, bowling and arcade video games. ‘Amoeba’ is one such example and is a hub for kiddy parties as it has bowling facilities and a video game arcade, with a wide range of amazing prizes to choose from. Bangalore is thereby a city one must visit. It has so much to offer. From great food to fabulous shopping, entertainment and amazing people. Put the Garden City of India (Namma Oru Bengaluru as locals' call it) on your travel list now.